PUBG Mobile Competitive Lea Off BTR? This is the reason!

Competitive BTR Lea Off? This is the reason!

The news that the Captain of Belletron Ace, BTR Lea, said goodbye to the competitive PUBG Mobile scene, certainly raises a lot of questions in the minds of fans.

Belletron Ace carries the name of Indonesia proudly after winning the PMPL Ladies SEA Season 3 Tournament. This ladies team is not inferior to their boys team.

btr competitive lea off

Belletron's steps began with a slick appearance at PMPL Indonesia. They were then entitled to represent the country along with three other teams, namely Aerowolf Zoo, Genesis Dogma Viper, and Alter Ego Dione.

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After winning the PMPL Sea Ladies 2021 tournament, the captain suddenly announced that he would no longer continue in the competitive scene as a Pro Player.
Reasons for BTR Lea Not to Continue Competitive PUBG Mobile!
Photo via: Jonathan Liandi

In Nimo TV Live Streaming StMichael, Coach of Belletron Ace, Lea talked about why she didn't want to continue her career playing in the competitive scene.

It turns out that the story is quite touching, you know Spinners! Lea apparently felt lonely when she was at the top now, and no one else to play with:

"The reason I don't play PUBG is because I don't have friends to play with. Let's be honest, before I was competitive, my party mates were like Genta, Nerpheko, who is now a player. In the past, they were often invited to tournaments with them, once in the men's tournament, Bang Genta and I were Terminators.

I used to enjoy the moment, you know, as happy as that I played first. But the more I'm famous, the more I win, get champion titles, people also create their own barrier for me. Every time I need a friend to play with, it's not there" Lea's story with StMichael.

Video source:

He also shared that his teammates also had their own party with influencers and their other friends.

So for those of you who are now asking where Lea will continue and so on, it's actually still unpredictable, Spinners, it's just that that's the reason behind Lea's exit from the competitive scene!

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