Tired of Low Tier? This is the Right Time to Push Rank PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a game with the battle royale genre that has many tier levels available in it. If the higher tier you have, then you can be sure that the better the game skills you master.

Push rank or climb rank is not easy. Basically, push rank is an activity that challenges your sharpness, endurance, and consistency in playing. So actually don't be surprised if your rank is still there, or even down, because raising the rank is not as easy as you think.

If you're at your wits end, there are a number of tips so that your game can level up for the better. Here are some of them:

The Right Time to Climb the PUBG Mobile Rank

  • After Major Update

PUBGM often makes massive upgrades, while it's impossible in a day all PUBGM players can immediately carry out the upgrade process. This has resulted in a few PUBGM players on Spawnn Island after the Major Update.


The number of players is still small, the rest will usually be filled with BOT in each game. The number of BOTs in a game will certainly make it easier for you to take the final position or placement as good as possible. In addition, the presence of this BOT can also help you increase KD [Kill Death].


  • Beginning of Season

Similar to the beginning of the season, PUBGM will make a massive update process at the beginning of the season. You can use at least players who have updated the PUGBM application at the turn of the season to increase your rank.


However, the thing you have to pay attention to is the number of players with the same goals as you, so you have to play carefully. Usually at the beginning of the season the best days for collectors of the Conqueror tier for each season.


  • Working hours

During school hours or work hours, PUBG Mobile players will certainly decrease quite a lot as this game can be used by all groups, especially children to teenagers, and it is not uncommon for adults to also play this game.


Of course, working or school hours make many players unable to play PUBGM, this small number of players can minimize the possibility of you being killed by players who have great playing skills.


  • End of Season

The end of the season or the end of the season is a sign for players who often hunt for the Conqueror tier to be able to rest. You can use this by doing a push rank at will because there are no players with qualified skills playing in the classic match room.


  • Recess

In addition to playing during working hours, you can also take advantage of everyone's break to push rank. For example, at night, ham 12 at night until 5 in the morning, you can change this hour to push rank and raise the rank.


But it would be nice if this is not done continuously, because this can harm your health due to lack of rest.

The Right Time to Push PUBG M Enemies

  • Understand the Situation

Before pushing your opponent, you need to check your own situation, for example checking bullets or seeing heal items that can be used when shot. Next you also need to understand the location where you will press the opponent. Unexpected circumstances may occur. When you are familiar with the map, at least in an urgent situation you can retreat or save yourself.


  • Opponent Push Can't Be Done In All Situations

Not only do you push, but your enemies also push. Don't let your push tactics end in your own death. Therefore, vigilance is the most important thing to note.


You need to understand that not all situations can be done with a ceasefire. When the blood is low and there are not many bullets left, you can't push. Especially if the number of opponents is more than your team. At a time like this, the best thing is to save yourself first.


  • Playing Squad, Cooperation Is The Most Important Thing

If you play squad, make sure the cooperation is always compact. The division of roles must also be clear. Thus, at least each team can back up between players.


In addition, you can also make backup plans such as trapping the enemy or directly killing them in your area or attacking the opponent's hideout. One more thing you need to remember is don't hesitate if you want to cancel your opponent's push if the situation doesn't allow it. Remember that the opponent's push rank cannot be done in all conditions.

Hopefully the above review can help those of you who want to push rank or when you are going to push your opponent in PUBG Mobile. Thank you for listening!

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