6 Most Useful Minecraft Boots, Really Use!

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There are many Boots Minecraft useful that Minecraft players can install. You can use it for various functions in this game.

Minecraft boots are a type of armor that covers the player's feet. They are one of the more important pieces of equipment in Minecraft, as some enchantments are exclusive and can only be applied to them. It includes some of the more useful features like hair loss. 

In this article, we will feature 6 useful Minecraft Boots in Minecraft 1.19.

Most Useful Minecraft Boots List

Minecraft boots are an essential item in Minecraft. Players routinely receive very little fall damage while wandering as more than three blocks do less damage.

Minecraft boots are the only wearable item in the game that can reduce fall damage. They also protect against underfoot explosions, being shot in the leg by projectiles, and more.

IV Protection

Minecraft Boots

Overall, Protection is the stock charm you need to get all your armor pieces and not just boots.

This enchantment reduces damage taken from all sources, including lava, explosions, and even fall damage. Multiple sources of damage reduction can stack up to the upper limit of 80 percent.

Protection, Explosion Protection, Fire Protection and Projectile Protection are mutually exclusive. Players need console commands to apply them to items.


Minecraft Boots
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Mending is a universally useful spell that can be applied to any type of gear with durability. It's even more popular than protection.

With this on, Minecraft Boots will automatically use the XP that players earn in-game to improve themselves. Combine that with the XP farm and the boots will become indestructible.

It is considered a treasure enchantment and can be obtained from loot chests, fishing, or trading with Librarians of any level. Players cannot get it from the dazzling table.

Mending isn't exclusive to boots, which is very lucky because these are arguably the best charms overall. It takes half of the XP a player gains to repair any item, which keeps them from breaking.

Usually, this is an item they have, although since the armor is always "active", it also gains XP for repairing it.

Mending must be applied to all items that gamers often use, namely armor. It's always on and always protects the user, so Mending is a good choice even if it's just a tier one charm.

Feather Falling IV

Fall damage is one of the most common ways to die in Minecraft. Feather Falling is an enchantment for boots that reduces fall damage. It does not affect the falling speed.

Each Feather Falling level reduces fall damage by 12 percent, up to 48 percent at level IV, which can be stacked with Protection on armor up to a maximum of 80 percent, as the latter also reduces fall damage. This enchantment also works against damage received from Ender Pearl's teleportation.

Soul Speed III

Soul Speed III is one of the deadliest places in the Nether. This place is filled with ghasts and skeletons, which are quite deadly when combined with the slow effects of soul sand and soul soil.

Soul Speed ​​is a boot-only enchantment that reverses debuffs and increases speed while walking in Soul Sand Valley. However, it can't be obtained normally through the enchantment table, you have to trade the Soul Speed ​​of Piglins.

Frost Walker II

Frost Walker is a charm for Minecraft Boots which creates blocks of frozen ice as they walk on water. It also prevents the wearer from receiving damage when stepping on certain blocks such as bonfires and magma blocks.

This only works if the player is on the ground.‌ The water block must also be at the same level as the moved block in order to become ice. Note that this enchantment does not protect against normal lava.

In terms of incompatibility, the Frost Walker and Depth Strider charms are mutually exclusive. That means you can only enchant Minecraft Boots with one of these two enchantments. However, you can still have both if you use the command (in Creative mode).

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Depth Strider III

Simply put, Depth Strider is a boot charm that increases the speed of horizontal movement underwater in Minecraft. This enchantment removes the movement speed down debuff when you are underwater.

If you don't know, you are considered to be standing underwater if the character's head is submerged. Unless you have the requisite enchantment like Respiration, you will sink after 15 seconds.

However, even when you can stay underwater longer, you need enchantments to move faster. That's when the Depth Strider came into use.

Update 1.19 adds a new charm to the list. However, this is exclusive to leggings. Swift Sneak increases movement speed for users when they are crouching but only wearing leggings.

The boot spell remains unchanged, but there are still a few that are perfect to wear.

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