BONAFIDE Clarification Regarding Players Using Illegal Programs

BONAFIDE Clarification Regarding Players Using Illegal Programs

There's been a lot of talk about the case lately cheats used by one of the Pro Player teams, Bona fide Esports, in one of the offline tournaments.

It is very much discussed that one of the teams that made it into PMPL Indonesia Season 3, is rumored to be participating in another offline tournament and using cheats.

This actually provoked Indonesian netizens to do this hate comments everywhere, and trying to find out more information.

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The beginning was spread, because a video on TikTok which shows the figure of a player who is not very clear who, playing PUBG Mobile using wall hack.

This is a clarification from a bona fide party about cheating!

In official Instagram @bonafideesports, they uploaded a video explaining the use of cheats by one of their players.

It turns out that the conclusions that can be drawn from the 4 minute clarification video are players who use cheats are NOT official players from Bonafide Esports.

Iman Taufik, as the representative of Bonafide Esports, said that they have a community, where the community regulations allow members to use the name Bonafide in offline and online tournaments.

"Please note, our community members are NOT official members recognized by Bonafide Esports. One of the rules of our community is to give freedom to every member of the community to use the name Bonafide Esports in offline and online tournaments freely.” said Faith.

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