Blitz Brigade, Funny, Casual, Entertaining Android Game

Blitz Brigade take the idea from the PC-based game Team Fortress or Respawnables. Naturally, if the gameplay treats look really similar. For those who haven't even played it, this game is also almost the same as Counter Strike, only it applies a theme that tends to be casual, funny and relaxed.

Multiplayer Support

In game Blitz Brigade There are two different game modes, including single player mode and multiplayer mode. Multiplayer mode is the main thing in this game. While the single player mode doesn't even offer a storyline so it gets boring quickly. Single player mode may be just a complement in which in the game the player must be able to protect himself from enemy attacks within a certain time. By playing single player mode, players will get exp and gold which can be done in multiplayer mode. Therefore, if the internet network is still problematic or is saturated using multiplayer mode, players can play single player mode.

For multiplayer mode in Blitz Brigade players can use one of the 5 choices of characters provided. Each character brings different abilities and characteristics. For example, the Soldier character is an agile figure with a draw or all around type. Then there are Medic characters who carry skills to treat enemies by firing potions through the weapons used. It's just that players must first level up long enough to be able to activate 3 other types of characters.

5 maps available

When first launched, the game Blitz Brigade only offers 5 maps plus two multiplayer modes including Deathmatch and Domination modes. It's just that the mode that is a favorite for fans of the FPS genre game, namely free for all, is not provided at Blitz Brigade. The weapon upgrade feature in Blitz Brigade is almost standard with similar games. So players must level up first in order to activate weapons and then buy them using gold. If you want to be fast, players can pay for it in Diamond currency which must be topped up with real money.

Game in general Blitz Brigade can function smoothly, without a pause and shooting accuracy was not a problem. It's just that sometimes it's quite complicated when players want to log-in where often events in the middle of the game suddenly disconnect. The user interface is a bit claustrophobic, though players will quickly get used to it and won't feel clunky. Unfortunately the control settings feature is limited, players can't zoom in on the buttons on the screen. Only 3 presets are provided so that players are struggling with that and that. Gameloft as a developer included one button control with the function of quickly turning the character up to 180 degrees. This one function is quite useful when used on a touch screen.

Satisfying Visuals

Blitz Brigade provides excellent 3D visuals with a large and detailed map design. For example, the placement of several camping areas in strategic locations so that players can hide in them and shoot people who pass by. In the Blitz Brigade also displayed a variety of vehicles from tanks to helicopters to attack the enemy. Operating the fleet was considered very difficult, plus the damage caused was not that significant. For example, when a helicopter shoots each other with an opponent who has an upgraded weapon, it will lose.

IAP Currency

Games Blitz Brigade can be run for free. Of course, in this game there will also be advertisements, but only presenting some advertisements for other Gameloft games. Various things in this game can be upgraded using the IAP currency, namely diamond. It's just that the currency is quite difficult to obtain. When the player goes up the stage automatically gets 1 diamond. While the weapon items offered can cost up to 600 diamonds. Therefore, the quickest step is to buy diamonds with real money. If players top up diamonds, then as a bonus they will be included in the VIP club. In these clubs players will get 50 percent more XP and also 10 percent more coins in each duel.

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