Black Shark 4 Series Officially Entered Indonesia?

black shark 4 pro

After the official release a few days ago in mainland China, there hasn't been the slightest leak of rumors that the Black Shark 4 and 4 Pro will be officially released in Indonesia.

The Black Shark 4 series, is the successor to the Black Shark 3 and 3 Pro which were released in March last year.

Experiencing improvements from various sectors, here are some improvements from the Black Shark 4 series from the previous series.

  • Processor

Snapdragon 870 vs Snapdragon 888
Snapdragon 870 vs Snapdragon 888

Black Shark 3 and 3 Pro which are still powered by Snapdragon 865, experienced a significant improvement in the successor series Black Shark 4 which is powered by Snapdragon 870 and Black Shark 4 Pro which is powered by Snapdragon 888, both of which are the latest processors from Qualcomm.

As if not to be outdone by competing brands, the maximum RAM embedded in this series has increased, by using 16GB of RAM in the Pro series.

The regular Black Shark 4 series GPU still carries the same Adreno 650 GPU as the previous Black Shark 3 series GPU. Meanwhile, the 4 Pro series has experienced an increase in the GPU sector, namely using the latest Adreno 660.

The internal memory on the Black Shark 4 series also has several variants, namely 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB for the Pro variant.

  • Screen Display

black shark 4 series
Source: GSMArena
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The screen of the Black Shark 4 series is 6.67 inches wide, still the same as the screen on the regular Black Shark 3 series. Black Shark 3 Pro is the series that has the largest screen, which is 7.1 inches

An increase in panel quality, the Black Shark 4 series uses a 144Hz super AMOLED screen and is 1300 nits better than the previous series which only uses a 90Hz and 500 nits screen.

  • Camera

Unlike the previous series, the Black Shark 4 series gaming cellphone carries a triple camera setup, by embedding a macro lens in it, which was previously absent in the Black Shark 3 series.

The usual 4 variant supports a 48MP main camera, while the 4 Pro variant uses a 64MP main camera. For selfie cameras, these two latest gaming cellphones both embed a 20MP camera.

  • Storage Technology

Experiencing an increase in the flash storage series sector for a smartphone, this new gaming cellphone no longer uses UFS 3.0 as in the Black Shark 3 series, but now the Black Shark 4 series uses the latest series of flash storage technology, UFS 3.1.

  • Battery

Having experienced a decrease in capacity, for the size of a gaming cellphone, we think 4500mAh is an insufficient capacity.

But what makes a commotion is, its fast charging technology which now supports 120 Watts. Even for the Pro series, it is claimed to be able to fully charge the battery from the 0% in just 15 minutes.

  • Price

Because this cellphone has just launched on the mainland, we will convert the price of this cellphone to Rupiah, here are the prices for the series Black Shark 4:

  • 6/128GB – 2,499 yuan (approximately IDR 5.6 million)
  • 8/128GB – 2,699 yuan (approximately IDR 6 million)
  • 12/128GB – 2,999 yuan (approximately IDR 6.7 million)
  • 12/256GB – 3,299 yuan (approximately USD 7.3 million)

Black Shark 4 Pro:

  • 8/128GB – 3,999 yuan (approximately IDR 8.9 million)
  • 12/256GB – 4,499 yuan (approximately IDR 10 million)
  • 16GB/512GB – 5,299 yuan (approximately IDR 11.8 million)

The price is cheap, yes, for the class of HP gaming Vicigers! Hopefully, when officially entered in Indonesia, the price is not far from the price in the country of origin. Or is it okay if we hope that we will get a cheaper official selling price in Indonesia.

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