Bigetron Red Aliens Wins Duel With Zeus Esport at Bootchamp PEI 2021

Bigetron Red Aliens Wins Duel With Zeus Esport at Bootchamp PEI 2021

We all know that Bigetron Red Aliens owns Bootchamp in PMPL ID Season 3 after winning a fierce duel against Morph Team.

And at PEI 2021, Bigetron again takes the drop zone they got in PMPL ID Season 3.

Bigetron Red Aliens Wins Duel With Zeus Esport at Bootchamp PEI 2021

Zeus Esport, which is a team from Vietnam, challenged Bigetron Red Aliens in Bootchamp which is Bigetron's drop zone on Map Sanhok

Bigetron Defeat Zeus in Bootcamp

Zeus and BTR do have a history of fierce rivalry. These two teams once competed tightly in the PMGC 2020.

This time, the two of them met again at PEI 2021, even in the same drop zone. Either Zeus has chosen Bootcamp from the start or deliberately wants to challenge BTR RA.

What is clear, BTR is again invincible. They are so tough in Bootcamp and can send Zeus back to the lobby quickly.


In PEI 2021, Bigetron met Zeus twice at Bootchamp. In the first match Bigetron managed to win the duel and sent all Zeus Esport players home, and in the second match Bigetron managed to win again by sending 3 Zeus players home.

Will Continue to Maintain Bootcamp?

With Bigetron's victory against Zeus, maybe Bigetron will continue to maintain their drop zone on the sanhok map.

Bigetron is also known as a team that has a very good set up in the early game.

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This style of play is risky, but BTR doesn't seem to have any intention of withdrawing from Bootcamp. Therefore, it is possible that BTR will continue to maintain Bootcamp at the SEA Finals next month.

There they will face teams from Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Who do you think will challenge BTR at Booctamp later?

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