The Best Video Game Movies You Must Watch

Video Game Movies

The best Video Game movies are those that convey the spirit of an original game. For example, about all existing knowledge or about adventures that make every gamer fun. Looking at the past few years, it's true that films taken from video games tend to be bad and get a lot of criticism. But now Hollywood already know if it can turn out to be something that if taken seriously.

Interestingly here, if a film producer wants to get a title, it is very easy. The reason is, there are lots of game titles that can be used as the basis for a film. It can even be used as a serial title if the fans are good enough. It's just how they look for good games and of course have quite a lot of fans around the world.

Recommended Video Game Movies

Below we will provide recommendations for Video Game Movies that you can use as alternatives to watch. These titles may be how many times you have played in the game version. So just take a look at the list below.

  • Ratchet and Clank

Ratchet and Clank is a game title that was released in 2002 and became a title in 2016. But from the start, the film received a lot of criticism due to the odd casting from the producers. However, with a duration of about 90 minutes, the light storyline is quite exciting to watch. This film is suitable to be watched with family because it is full of laughter.

  • Silent Hill

Maybe Silent Hill So the movies that came from video games were quite successful in the early days. How come? The reason is that the first film was so well done, and people don't realize that the title comes from the game. But what makes it interesting and can be appreciated so much is the storyline which is almost the same as the original game. The selection of the right actors is also a plus for Silent Hill.

  • Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within is one of the best because the production is so good. This is indeed an animated film but has crazy graphics when viewed from the quality and final result. In addition, the voice actors chosen by Hollywood are also very good. So even though it is full of artificial technology, in the end, everything is still worthy of appreciation.

  • Mortal Kombat

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