5 Best Roblox RPG Games 2022

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In 2022, there are five RPG games Roblox the best you really have to play. No less interesting than Genshin Impact.

Roblox is an online gaming platform that has recently been getting a lot of attention. Most gamers out there simply praise the ideas of the platform builders. The most loved platform is designed to encourage its users to chat, socialize, make friends online and play with them.

The online platform has millions of games developed by the players themselves, and billions of people play these games. This platform is very popular because it allows users to create the games they love and earn from it.

Players love to play free online games and chat with other members. Some content creators create games primarily aimed at socializing. Games like this are called role-playing games or RPGs. Roblox RPG games are very popular here and are among the best Roblox RPG games. Condo games roblox is also one of the most popular gaming categories in the US, but is made for adults.

With millions of players and billions of visits to the game, several Roblox RPG Games have entered the list and made this game more popular than it already is. This article further discusses the top Roblox RPG Game version VCGamers that Roblox offers its players.

List of Most Popular Roblox RPG Games

Sword Burst 2

Roblox RPG Games
Sword Burst 2

The popular Roblox RPG game loved and praised by millions of gamers is Sword Burst 2. This original multiplayer Roblox RPG game takes inspiration from the anime Sword Art Online (SAO). The sequel to Sword Burst Online (SBO), the game involves exploring its vast world by unlocking several levels.

Created by Abstract Alex Hicks, these two games are the most played RPG games on this platform. Sword Burst 2 has made many improvements over the previous one but still retains some of the same rules, such as using melee weapons only.

This game was created in 2014 and a sequel was released in 2017. This highly-visited game is often said to have a sequel as well as other parts, so that players enjoy the game more and not have a happy ending.

In Swordburst 2, players explore a vast world, defeat enemies, and collect rare equipment to defeat the game's bosses. Defeating the boss unlocks the next floor, that's how the game goes.

Neighborhood of Robloxia

Roblox RPG Games
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Created by @Q_Q in 2012, Neighborhood of Robloxia is a popular Roblox RPG Game. This game is also called Robloxia, the game involves the furniture of the house, and players can choose their favorite house among 40 houses.

Players can also search for thousands of user-made outfits or even create and publish the look they want. Share the look with the world of Robloxia and become famous. This game also involves a lot of jobs, vehicles and many other things for players to explore

This game has about a thousand players who play the game every day, it is a hit, and is loved by many players. This Roblox RPG game involves chatting, socializing with friends and other game members, and playing with them.

This game also belongs to the category of city and town games. This is the perfect RPG game to play and have fun and unforgettable game sessions with friends for other players.


Brookhaven is a role-playing game created by Wolfpaq and Aidanleewolf in 2011. This game is popular among players and also belongs to the category of most popular Roblox games.

This game involves owning a house, living in that amazing place, and exploring an amazing city driving some cool vehicles. The game allows the player to get along with other people and role-play.

Players can also find other things in the city to explore, such as various other buildings, shops, churches, schools, playgrounds, malls, and many other things. This game has about a million visits, and they love to play games that involve a lot of socializing and chatting with other players.

This game is also a city and town multiplayer game that can be played by more than 18 members to connect on one server. Cool, right? It's like living in this virtual world with friends all over the world.

Neverland Lagoon

A RPG Games Roblox created by SelDraken called Neverland Lagoon, the game is said to be an open-ended game. This means that gamers have to apply their mind and use their imagination to play this game with friends and other players online.

The controls in the game are quite easy to use; press the run button to run. If the player is a mermaid, then underneath there are buttons that can be used to stand and crawl.

Since the game involves self-imagining, it allows the player to do whatever it takes to collect gold and uncover hidden secrets.

This game gives flexibility to its players as players can create their character, fly and transform into different creatures. Many players love this game, and Peter Pan fans will love and appreciate the game.

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Adopt Me!

Adopt Me! Making it the number one position on the list as it is one of the most popular games played in Roblox. This game is loved, appreciated and played by billions of people worldwide, making it the most played game on the platform.

This game is about adopting cute pets and raising, dressing and trading them. Not only that, this game involves decorating the house and customizing it to the player's liking.

This game has a chat facility, allowing players to chat with other players, socialize with them, create a great team, and become friends in the real world and their choice.

This game has several events taking place today, increasing the chances of winning a new pet every week. Events like Egg Hunt and the arrival of a new pet called the Sugar Glider.

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Players can explore more by playing the game and stay up to date with the latest updates and upcoming events by following the game on Twitter. Try not to miss updates and stay connected to the game.


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