5 Best Moments at M3 World Championship, Makes It Enthusiastic to Watch!

MLBB M3 World Championship

Vicigers friends who watched the M3 World Championship must have seen the display of excellent skills in Land of Dawn. From the M3 World Championship match, there are several moments that make watching it exciting.

The M3 World Championship has ended on December 19, 2021, and some viewers are still not satisfied.

From Blacklist International who cemented their crown, to non-MPL teams like BTK proving their worth on the global stage, the M3 World Championship provides players and audiences alike with an experience MLBB unforgettable and worthy of gratitude.

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Here are five of the best dramas from the group stage and playoffs of the M3 World Championship that you must watch again. Make it awesome bro!

Best Game Of M3 World Championship

BTK Game Victory Moment Against PH Powerhouse Blacklist International

M3 World Championship

BTK had one of the best starts in the M3 World Championship playoffs after they dropped crowd favorite Blacklist International into the lower bracket. The moment was a tight match, but this one team fight really turned things around for the North American squad.

In the final moments of the fifth game of the series, Blacklist International had the upper hand at first, but BTK Fwyd Chicken Power of Order clutch Brilliance sent Blacklist International scrambling.

BTK counterattacked and managed to kill four members of the Filipino team. With only one player remaining, BTK continued to push to the bottom to advance to the next top bracket playoffs.

Wise Blacklist International Utilizes Yi Sun-Shin

M3 World Championship

Danerie James “Wise” del Rosario of Blacklist International also had one of the best games in the M3 World Championship. In the lower bracket playoffs against Keyd Stars, he was able to prove his strength as one of the best marksman junglers in the Land of Dawn.

Keyd Stars made the final defense against Blacklist International's aggressive push. Everything was going well, until Yi Sun-Shin from Wise broke into Keyd Stars defense and got an easy Maniac.

They ended up securing a 3-0 win in the lower bracket, eliminating the last MPL representative Brazil in the tournament.

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FARWAY Bed With Quick Hand Ling

FARWAY is dubbed one of the best non-MPL junglers, and this drama proves it. He was able to show his prowess after successfully securing the turtle and killing four members of the Keyd Stars MPL Brazil. Despite an impressive game, they were unable to secure a win and ended up being eliminated.

Nevertheless, nowhere else is FARWAY and the rest of Bedel, as they have shown that they can compete with the established MPL regions.

OHEB International Blacklist Perfect Maniac With Beatrix

Beatrix is one of the most dominating heroes in the M3 World Championship, all thanks to MVP Kiel “OHEB” Soriano's grand final performance with that hero.

One of the best games was Maniac OHEB against Bedel Turkey on the first day of the tournament. Just by using Nibiru, he was able to get four Bedel members in an intense team fight.

They were able to get the win, all thanks to the crazy gun skills of Filipino snipers.

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RRQ Alberttt Crazy Savage Game

Superstar RRQ Hoshi got their M3 World Championship off to a great start. In the group stage, Albert “Alberttt” Neilsen Iskandar managed to secure two Maniacs, and in the end this savage became the only undefeated team in Group D.

In this game, Alberttt fought it out with Roger and mauled five members of the RSG SG to secure the first savage of the tournament.

That moment was an excellent display of how the hero plays, as the entire RSG SG squad couldn't react to Alberttt's onslaught, putting him on top of the best in the M3 World Championship.

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These are some of the best moments at the M3 World Championship, which just finished this month. Their games and gameplay really have to be imitated in MLBB rank matches.

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