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Now, we will discuss about the best semi-tank heroes in Mobile Legends for season 20. Remember, this discussion will make it easier for you to choose a hero who has another role to play as that role. What's more, there are lots of hero choices that can actually be used as tanks. However, we will choose only a few characters in this game for you.

Apart from that, regarding the selection of heroes this will also make it easier for you when draft pick/ matchmaking. Bearing in mind, there are many MOBA genre mobile game players who are often reluctant to choose a tank role.

Of course, being able to play this important role with other reliable roles will be a new strategy for you to bring your team to victory in a match. Moreover, when you play in ranked mode which is the competitive mode.

These are the best semi-tank heroes

  • Alice

Even though she has a mage role, Alice also has another role as a tank. Moreover, the meta tank that uses this hero was once popularized by the well-known roster RRQ Hoshi, Lemon. As a result, many pro players and players who are used to playing the tank role in Mobile Legends are now using it frequently.

In our opinion, the role of Alice herself as a semi-tank will be more pronounced when the game enters mid until late games.

However, to be able to optimize its role, you must pay close attention to the build items that will be used. Therefore, you can also use a combination of mage and tank items. In detail, you can wear Demon Shoes, Lighting Truncheon, Calamity Reaper, Guardian Helmt, Twilight Armor and Immortality.

Obviously, all of these item selections will make Alice more difficult to overthrow.

  • Freya and Hilda

In order to fill the void in the next tank position, you can also play Freya and Hilda. Both have roles as Fighters, these two heroes can also become hybrid tanks that are quite strong.

What's more, they both have movement sufficient. Therefore, you can take advantage of Hilda's passive ability, namely regen (fill her blood automatically) which is quite good when you are in the bushes. On the other hand, you can optimize her movement speed when using Freya's ulti.

As for building items that can maximize these two heroes, we recommend that you use attack items and defend items. To build Hilda's items, you can use Dominance Ice, Oracle, Antique Cuiras, Warrior Boots, Athena Shield and Immortality. As for Freya's build items, you can use Endless Battle, Oracle, Queen Wing's, Warrior Boots, Antique Cuiras and Immortality.

  • Popol & Kupa

Having their original role as a marksman, Popol & Kupa are actually the easiest heroes to take down if you buy mm damage items in general. Moreover, this can happen when Kupa (his pet) dies. Even so, you can make this hero a meta tank in season 20.

To make it a tank, you can use build items that are more dominated by defensive items, such as Cursed Helmet, Windtalker, Athena Shield, Dominance Ice, Immortality and Tough Boots. Apart from that, you have to understand very well about how to play it first so you don't get kidnapped easily by opposing heroes.

  • Brody

Not much different from Popol & Kupa's role, Brody in this season can also be played as a tank. Remember, the emergence of a new role for this hero cannot be separated from RRQ Hoshi's new roster, Psychoo.

The reason for the last name to play this character as a tank is also inseparable from the damage that is inflicted which is quite strong without buying attack mm items. Apart from that, you can focus on using the second skill because it can lock the enemy's core. Of course, that will make your teammate able to finish easily.

For the build items used, you can use Warrior Boots, Malefic Roar, Antique Cuiras, Immortality, Brute Force and Athena Shield.

  • Benedetta

Having an assassin role, Benedetta can now also be played as a tank. Of course, the emergence of this role as a tank is quite surprising.

However, this first appeared during the M2 event yesterday. However, this character has the advantage of fast movement plus abilities hold and push. Apart from that, Benedetta is also a pretty annoying hero because she can come at any time and go as she pleases with agility.

For the build items used, you can use Blade of Despair, Athena Shield, Bloodlust Ax, Brute Force, Immortality and Warrior Boots. Behind the selection of these items, you will be able to quickly clean the minions, kill the enemy cores that are in the back position.

  • Chou

Having enough damage when choosing an assassin emblem, Chou, who has a fighter role, can be used as a very strong tank. Remember, this character has an immune ability that can easily ward off various attacks.

To make it a tank, you need build items such as Rapid Boots, Antique Cuiras, Queen Wings, Athena Shield, Twilight Armor and Immortality.

Interestingly, you can use meta tanks by choosing Chou across all tiers in ranked mode.

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