5 Best Healer Characters for Genshin Impact 2022

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The best teams definitely rely on the best genshin impact healers to keep players healthy during their journey across Teyvat.

Diverse list Genshin Impact allows the player to create many varied teams. Choosing the best genshin impact healer for your squad is very important for success in the game.

With a healer on the team, battles can be easier and more enjoyable. When dealing with various bosses, dealing with the new Spiral Abyss rotation, or just exploring the world, healers always come in handy for the team.

List of Genshin Impact's Best Healer Characters

The best Healers are those who can not only provide health to their allies but also buff and Elemental Resonance for the team.

Without a good healer supporting the DPS character, there is no way players can progress through dangerous areas like the Spiral Abyss. This article lists the five best genshin impact healers to keep the team alive.


Genshin Impact's best healer
Barbara is the best genshin impact healer

Barbara is a Hydro-elemental Catalyst user with several powerful healing abilities. Her Elemental and Burst skills heal the entire team based on their max HP. Every player in Genshin Impact has the opportunity to get Barbara for free.

This character should not be neglected if a healer is needed. Barbara's weakness is that she only operates as a healer.

However, Barbara couldn't do much outside of healing. He barely took any damage and his Hydro application wasn't that great. This was why he was only at A level.


Genshin Impact's best healer
Qiqi is the best genshin impact healer

qiqi uses her Elemental Skills and Burst to apply Cryo to enemies while healing her team based on their max Health.

Unlike Barbara, Qiqi's healing can deal some serious Cryo damage to enemies while she's off the field and give her the edge. As a five-star unit, getting Qiqi in Genshin Impact can be difficult but worth it.

Qiqi has zero damage potential, and dedicating precious on-field time healing instead of dealing damage is just a waste. All other characters at a higher level can heal without remaining on the field.

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While Qiqi bursts can heal without requiring field time, they don't deal much damage or healing status effects.


Genshin Impact's best healer
Diona is the best genshin impact healer

Diona heals and protects her team, along with a Cryo application and a number of buffs for those standing on her Elemental Burst called Signature Mix. Adding him to the party in Genshin Impact will keep the team stable and healthy.


Genshin Impact's best healer
Jean is the best genshin impact healer. Source: VCGamers

Jean is a very strong burst healer in Genshin Impact and provides incredible crowd control with his Elemental Skill, Gale Blade.

Using this together with his Burst, Dandelion Breeze will make clearing the Spiral Abyss easier.

Outside of his Burst, Jean is only average. Jean's crowd control is quite difficult to use and her Anemo element is as useless as Barbara's Hydro.

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Genshin Impact's best healer
Bennet is the best genshin impact hero

As Genshin Impact's primary healing unit, Bennett does it all. She heals teams very quickly with her Elemental Burst, Fantastic Voyage, along with providing powerful damage buffs when in her radius.

Using this character in your team in Genshin Impact will greatly increase your chances of survival and success in the game.

Genshin Impact offers different damage units, but choosing the right healer can be the difference between victory and defeat.

Thanks to his fantastic Elemental Burst, Bennett is considered one of the best healers in the game. If a character's health in AoE equals or falls below 70 percent, their health will continue to regenerate. The amount of HP recovered is reduced from Bennett's Max HP.

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Since his skill is percentage based, Bennett's healing is effective even if he doesn't have a healing enhancing artifact with him.

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