The Best Weapon Choices For PUBG Mobile And PC

Best Weapons For PUBG Mobile

This time, we will discuss the choice of the best weapons that you can use on PUBG Mobile or PC. Considering, there are lots of players in this battle royale genre game who are quite confused about choosing a weapon that can cause quite a lot of damage. Especially, for players who have just played the game.

In addition, our decision to discuss this is because these weapons are often used by pro players who often participate in many prestigious competitions. Be it, pro players at home or abroad. Therefore, we will not linger any longer to review it.

This is the best choice of weapons that you can choose 

  • Steyr Aug

Classified as a weapon that goes as assault rifle, 'Steyr Aug' is probably the deadliest weapon in PUBG. Unfortunately, this weapon will not be easy for you to find on PUBG PC or mobile. Given, you will only be able to find it in airdrop just.

On the other hand, another advantage that you will get when using this weapon is its shooting range. Obviously, this will make it easier for you to face enemies near or far from where you are. Plus, you can kill enemies easily, for example, there are two to three bullets that hit your enemy.

Even so, this weapon will be quite deadly for example players in this game can find out about the use of 'Steyr Aug'.

  • Groza

Not much different fromSteyr Aug' (for the type of weapon), Groza is also a pretty scary weapon in PUBG. The proof, the shape and accuracy of this weapon is almost the same as the first weapon. However, the damage inflicted at close range is quite painful. Plus, the bullets used won't be the same as 'Steyr Aug'.

However, to get this weapon will also be difficult because you will only be able to find it in airdrop just.

  • AWM

Enter the weapon type sniper rifle, AWM is probably the most favorite weapon by PUBG players so far. Remembering, you will be able to kill your enemies from a distance with one shot. However, you must get and use the scope that has the highest vision (x15/ x10/ x8)

Naturally, if this long-range weapon becomes the most desired weapon and is quite sought after by PUBG players. Almost the same as 'Steyr Aug' and Groza, you can also get this weapon from airdrop just.

Next Weapons With Strong Power

  • AKM

To note, the AKM is an assault weapon that belongs to the type of assault rifle for close and medium shooting range. Even so, this weapon has a fairly large damage power. Unfortunately, you have to find the right complementary item in order to reduce the recoil when shooting.

Apart from that, this weapon will not be difficult for you to find. Because, you can find this weapon when looting at home or buildings.

  • M16A4

Viewed as a weapon that is not too 'nice' to use in PUBG, the M16A4 actually has a fairly high attack power. Not only that, the high bullet speed makes this weapon very suitable for use by players who often encounter situations (facing enemies with) medium and long shooting ranges.

For shooting mode, the M16A4 has two modes namely 'burst' and 'single'. On the other hand, this weapon will also be very easy for you to find in various spots in the game map that you are playing.

  • M416

Almost the same as the M16A4, the M416 actually has several differences such as the 'automatic' mode which can make this weapon 'spray' easily. In addition, this weapon is also often the main choice of many PUBG players because of its strong damage and attack power.

Plus, the recoil generated when you shoot is quite balanced and it's easy for you to find it. Of course, all of these factors make the M416 the most sought-after weapon of a million people in the battle royale game.

  • Kar98K

Classified as a type weapon sniper rifle, Kar98K is also the main rival of AWM for long-range weapons. Moreover, this weapon is not too difficult for you to find in the game. However, you also have to continue to train your 'instinct' to shoot from a distance to be able to make this weapon deadly. Given, it won't be easy to use it if you've just played PUBG.

  • MK14

Even though it looks like an assault rifle, the MK14 is actually a sniper rifle. In addition, this weapon will also be quite rare for you to find because you can only get this weapon from an air drop.

In addition, the MK14 is also classified as a DMR weapon (sniper rifle) which has a fairly large damage power compared to other similar weapons. Interestingly, this DMR weapon is also the only one that has two modes such as 'single' nor 'autoshot'.

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