5 Best COC Strategies To Attack Town Hall

COC Strategy (Clash of Clans) to attack is very important, especially in Town Hall 10 when players start to play an important role in clan wars.

PTown Hall 10's ranks are challenging to deal with, but with the right plan of attack, success becomes much simpler. Many experienced gamers have experimented with different war attack tactics and gave others their best troops to attack.

Such well-known tactics generally feature pre-determined troops, but competent players will have to make slight changes based on the opponent's base. However, the majority of the troops should remain the same. This article will discuss the top five COC strategies to attack Town Hall 10.

Best COC Strategy To Attack Town Hall

In this article, VCGamers will give you the 5 most powerful COC strategies to attack enemy Town Halls.


COC Strategy

GoWiBo is one of the most reliable 3-star Town Hall 10 strategy in Clash of Clans, if you have a clan castle bowler and siege machine.

Golems and Wizards must be used by players to build funnels, and bowlers and heroes must complete bases. It can be used to get 3 stars quickly in multiplayer battles and clan wars.

Along with these basic requirements, players can also add Pekka and Witches to their attack plans.

After the Queen engages in attacking, scatter 3 Balloons and 1 Baby Dragon around them so they can help clear the periphery of the base, and thus facilitate the creation of the funnel.

Once nearby defenses engage in attack, use Wall Breakers so they can destroy walls and create space to channel.

Make sure you use the Archer Queen and other troops (balloons, baby dragons, and wall breakers) from the side where there is no Inferno Tower.


COC Strategy
Builder Base COC

DragLoon is one of the easiest attacking strategies that can be used against any Town Hall 10 base as it uses a powerful combination of Dragons and Balloons.

This is the preferred offensive strategy that can be applied to clan war raids and regular multiplayer battles. This COC strategy is most effective against bases with air sweeps and low-level air defenses.

To destroy additional outer structures such as army camps and builders' huts, players can add Minions to the composition.

To use this strategy, you need to make sure that at least two air defenses are below the destruction range of one earthquake spell.

If you find that the two air defenses will not be under the destruction range of one earthquake spell, you can still use this attack strategy. However, you will need one more earthquake spell.

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Now, let's see how this attack strategy works. At first, you need to find air defenses in the base.

If the two air defenses are close to each other and are under the destruction range of one earthquake spell, then you can use 3 Lightning Spells on each of the two air defenses and then use the Earthquake spell to destroy both air defenses at once.

If the two air defenses are not close to each other, you must use an additional earthquake spell to destroy both air defenses.


COC Strategy
Mega Knight

GoWipe is one of the most used and powerful Clash of Clans attack methods, and is excellent for clan war attacks. Players can perfect this attacking tactic to deploy troops perfectly with regular practice.

Pekka, Magicians, and Golems are used in this offensive tactic to destroy enemy bases. To clear the area around the building, players can add soldiers such as minions, archers, and barbarians.

The army composition can also include Valkyries and Magicians to easily form a funnel during an attack.

To take down the opposing CC troops, Archer Queen, Barbarian King, Pekka, and Wizard are enough. You can also use poison spells for this purpose.

Once the front defense is destroyed, you can destroy the Siege Barracks and let the Pig Riders move to the base.

Near the defense targeted by the Pig Rider, drop a skeleton spell so the resulting skeleton can distract the defense. Meanwhile, the Pig Riders could crush the defenses.

After 90 percent of the defense is destroyed, use archers and other mages to destroy the rest of the building.

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COC Strategy

LavaLoon is one of the best air strike strategy in Clash of Clans and very effective in clan war battles. This attacking strategy results in an immediate one-star or three-star attack, as the Lava Dogs and Balloons attack the defensive buildings first.

A useful way to use the COC strategy to attack this in clan wars is to get rid of the opposing Archer Queen first before starting the battle. Players can add troops such as Dragons and Minions to make this air strike strategy even more powerful.

Mass Hog

COC Strategy
Hog Rider

Mass Hog Rider's COC attack strategy is one of the best defense building attack strategies in Clash of Clans, which is very effective in clan war battles. While Hog Riders directly attack the opponent's defensive buildings, players can easily vacate Town Hall 10's base.

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Players can consider troops such as Golems and Wizards to create a funnel to destroy the Inferno Tower before using the actual Mass Hog attack strategy. Players can also add troops such as Minions, Barbarians, and Archers to clear out buildings.

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