7 Best Android Basketball Games for You to Play!

Best Android Basketball Game.
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Basketball lovers huddle! This time, VCGamers will provide recommendations for the seven best Android basketball games that you can play.

Intrigued by the seven basketball games? Check it out below!

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Basketball Game

Best Android Basketball Game.
Best Android Basketball Game.

Who says that the game of basketball is not popular in Indonesia? Maybe it's not as big as football and badminton, but basketball is one of the five branches the most popular sport in Indonesia.

According to the author, Indonesian artists who are famous for playing basketball are Andovi & Anjovi Da Lopez and Denny Sumargo. Meanwhile, famous foreign players are LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and Kevin Durant.

But after studying again, the writer realized that Indonesia has professional players who are no less famous. They are Galank Gunawan, Daniel Wenas, and there is the national team player Marques Bolden who plays in the NBA!

Basketball is a group sport consisting of two teams with five people on each team. Each team will compete to get points by putting the basketball into the opponent's basket.

Same as football, basketball has a similar basic. Starting from dribbling, shooting, passing and others. The difference lies in the body parts that play. Football relies on the feet, while basketball uses the hands.

Playing basketball is not just about being good at passing or shooting, but also about being physically agile. Of course it is very tiring to play basketball.

For those of you who want to play basketball without sweating, finally made several basketball games on various platforms. Starting from PlayStation, PC, until Androids.

Best Android Basketball Game Recommendations

This time, the author will provide seven recommendations for the best Android basketball game that you can try. Of course, it's not just honing playing skills, but some of them are honing cooperation and strategy.

Intrigued by the recommendations? Check it out below!

Best Android Basketball Game – NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Game

Best Android Basketball Game.
NBA 2K Mobile.

The author starts from NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Game. Games by 2K, Inc. it has very good gameplay and graphics. When playing it, you will create a team of five members.

Each team member will later be shaped like a card with different qualities and statuses. Not only managing team members, but also managing their movements such as Steal, Throw and Block.

Interestingly, you can adjust the appearance of your team with MyPlayer to make it cooler and different from other players.

How, interested in trying it?

Best Android Basketball Game – NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

Best Android Basketball Game.
NBA Live Mobile.

The name is more or less the same as above, but the difference is that this game was made by Electronic Arts. This high-quality game developer released a game called NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball.

You're not just playing basketball, but also competing against real players.

In terms of gameplay, NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball is similar to how you play it football on PlayStation. You can switch positions to control the player who is holding the ball.

Best Android Basketball Game – Basketball Stars: Multiplayer

Basketball Stars Miniclip.

Miniclip also released a game called Basketball Stars: Multiplayer. This one game is suitable for HP with low-end specifications or potatoes.

You will be presented with a simple, casual, lightweight, Miniclip-style graphic display, but still 3D. This one game is of the 1 vs 1 type without other members, so you will be more focused on playing it.

Apart from that, there are lots of modes that you can try in this game. And, this game has +400 items that you can use. Not only for show-off skills, but you can also show-off your appearance!

Basketball Rivals: Sports Game

Basketball Rivals.

This game by Green Horse Game seems different from other basketball games. If we usually play a character, but here you are the character.

This card-shaped game will display your account, friends, or enemies. You can also see the points that other players have.

In this game, you can also feel the sensation of turning base in several positions. You will wait for your opponent to make a move, only after following you will it be your turn.

The uniqueness of Basketball Rivals: Sports Game is that it has additional powers such as Dash, Steal, Block, and others. You need coordination between team members to achieve victory.

NBA CLASH: Sync PVP Basketball

Best Android Basketball Game.
NBA Clash Sync PVP Basketball.

Nifty Games Inc. released the game NBA CLASH: Sync PVP Basketball which is no less exciting. You will be presented with a game like a PC game called Freestyle.

You will play three-on-three (3 on 3) against the enemy. Even though this is PVP, 1 vs 1, but you can manage two team members when you control the ball.

For team members, you can arrange it before the game. The players will be depicted in the form of cards. Cards depicting NBA players can be upgraded to be faster, stronger, and less tired.

Best Android Basketball Game – HeadBasketball

Best Android Basketball Game.
Head Basketball, the Best Offline Android Basketball Game.

This game by D&D Dreams deserves the position of the best android offline basketball game. The reason is, this one game is very interesting for you to play like a game HeadSoccer.

Because it's offline, you will fight an AI that you can adjust the level of difficulty. In short, this is a 2-D basketball game with characters like bobble heads or caricatures where each character represents a country.

Gameplay also feels unique. You will feel playing basketball with additional special powers / super power. Some make you dizzy, freeze, and much more.

Mini Basketball

Mini Basketball Miniclip.

Lastly is the Mini Basketball game developed by Miniclip.com. If you compare it to the previous Miniclip game, Basketball Star: Multiplayer, this is better.

In this game, here you can set a strategy and tactics for placing players. Players will be depicted with cards that you can upgrade to make them even stronger.

The gameplay of Mini Basketball is similar to other games. You can move the player using analog and play like a real basketball player.

Graphically, this game is light enough with good quality. Even though it's not as good as the NBA game above, from a game standpoint, it's very good.


Those are the seven recommendations for the best Android basketball game that you can try. If you have suggestions for other Android basketball games, please write them in the comments column, OK?

So, which basketball games have you played?

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