The Best and Strongest Fighter in Mobile Legends Season 20

Best Fighter

This time, we will discuss the hero with the best and strongest role fighter in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for season 20. Remembering, this season has only been running for a few weeks. However, the hero with this role has actually become the favorite among players in this MOBA game compared to other roles for now.

Obviously, these considerations are also what finally made us interested in immediately providing this information to you. Remembering, this will make you not confused to determine which fighter heroes will be used in several modes, especially ranked mode.

Moreover, the role of the hero fighter is also quite important and very mandatory. Remember, its existence will make your team strong and solid to attack or defend in a match. Plus, his abilities are also quite balanced to do both this season.

This is the Best and Strongest Hero Fighter

  • Roger

It could be said, Roger this season is still included in a meta for fighter heroes. Can turn into a wolf or a human, this character also has another role as a marksman.

Apart from that, basic attack abilities and other abilities will be even better when entering wolf mode. Plus, in this mode his melee attacks will be quite deadly. However, changing to human mode will make it easier to escape (since there is an ability to do so).

Not only that, Roger can also play many roles such as hyper, side laner, offlaner and support. However, we would advise you to make it a hyper hero in your team.

To be good at using this hero, you must learn and understand very well about all of his abilities first. After that, you have to find the right combo to play it during by-one or war. Moreover, you should not carelessly play Roger as a hyper.

Therefore, you can go directly to the mid lane to get closer to the jungle area. Yes, this hero must immediately go up to level 4 faster by continuing to be lazy. This is so that you can immediately roam to another lane to help your friends who are having trouble/ganking.

  • Sun

After Roger, Sun is also one of the best heroes for role fighter this season. Evidently, there are lots of players who have made it their mainstay in ranked mode because of their strength.

However, being able to play it is also quite difficult plus requires very good instincts if you want to make it a sidelaner or offlaner. However, the most important thing when you play this hero is in the late game phase. Because, this phase will make this hero OP. However, you also have to understand first about how to play it.

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