Benefits of the Piggyback Carry Feature You Should Know When in PUBG Mobile

Piggyback Carry PUBG Mobile

Here are some of the benefits of features when the Piggyback Carry is on PUBG Mobile what you should know. This new feature helps make the game easier for all PUBG players.

The new team's Piggyback Carry feature in PUBG Mobile is very useful. That feature makes the game more interesting. You can bring your teammates or enemies who are shot with you. Here are some tips and tricks for the Piggyback Carry team in PUBG Mobile that you should know.

If you don't know about the Piggyback Carry feature then you've come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you about the Piggyback feature that can be a game-changing feature.

What is Piggyback Carry in PUBG Mobile?

The piggyback carry mode is a feature that allows teammates to be carried by other players after they are eliminated. This feature allows you to rescue teammates and take them to another location where they can be healed, and it's very useful in some game modes.

However, when carrying other players, you can short and reload but you will not be able to run, heal or hide.

In this case, you can now carry teammates who got shot in your back. The only thing you have to remember is that your teammates are being revived right now and are behind cover.

In addition, the bleeding speed will decrease when you bring a teammate. However, he will take damage if the enemy's weapon shoots at him.

The most interesting part is that you can bring anyone, including enemy players too. So, use the enemy as cover and try to run to a safe place.

This feature will be released on November 15, 2021. Krafton hasn't revealed the details of the next update regarding PUBG Mobile, but you can already use this cool feature in rank matches.

Well, for those of you who don't know what the functions and benefits of the Piggyback Carry feature are in PUBG Mobile, you can continue reading below.

Piggyback Carry Function in PUBG Mobile

Help the Knock In Blue Zone

Knock Out of zone

PUBG Mobile players can use the Piggyback Carry function to bring knocked down teammates to safety and revive them.

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In addition, players who were hit would lose their health more slowly than when they were crawling. So, you should use this feature to reduce the health loss of teammates who are shot by up to 50 percent.

You must use the Piggyback Carry feature to bring teammates who are thrown into the blue zone to enter the safe zone.

If you let him crawl into the safe zone on his own, he will continue to take damage and lose health faster until he dies in the blue zone.

Down Run the Knocked Enemy

Flick Shot

When you carry a knocked player on your back, that player can act as a temporary shield. For example, after knocking an enemy, you can pick them up and carry them on your back for cover.

You can also bring a thrown enemy into a house and close the door. Then, ask him to ask his teammates for help.

If the enemy really calls his teammates to come for help, you can hide to eliminate them all. That's one of the best Piggyback Carry tricks in PUBG Mobile.

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Use Piggyback Carry And Vehicle

Flick Shot

You cannot use the Piggyback Carry to carry a knocked teammate into the vehicle. But you can drop it in front of the car and drive to the safe zone.

It is a very useful trick for you to help an AFK teammate when he is knocked out of the play zone.

If your teammates AFK, you can't return to the game early but the blue zone comes, they can die when taking damage from outside the zone. You should use this trick to bring knocked-down teammates to the safe zone when AFK is too long.

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That's all the benefits and functions of the Piggyback Carry feature in PUBG Mobile. Where the quality of play will be more fun and more real.

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