Become the Greatest Viking in Coin Master

How does it feel to play the most powerful Viking figure in the world? In game Coin Master  In this, players are invited through time for an adventure to a magical land. There players will become the greatest hipster, pirate, king, fighter and viking ever. Conquering all other players to become the best viking village is the goal in Coin Master.

Scramble for Money

Coin Master is an online game option, in which players will duel each other to collect money that will be used to build a viking village. This game is real time, so players will be able to visit various villages owned by other players with the aim of robbing the treasures that are there. And that was the fate of the Vikings. In principle, the game in Coin Master has three phases, including the development period, the slot machine play period, and the phase of attacking the enemy.

Building a Village

player in Coin Master  provided a place to develop as a prosperous Viking village. The way that players have to do is shop one by one the various components that make up the village such as houses, agricultural areas, statues, and much more. Each of these elements can also be upgraded. Then every time you buy an item, the player immediately receives a star. Then if the star collection you have is sufficient, players can automatically switch elsewhere to build the next village.

Playing Slots

If in Coin Master  This is the money the player has to build a village, so he can play slot machines to earn extra money. However, the slot machine is limited to 5 times per hour. After that the player has a waiting time which makes the player unable to immediately finish building the village. Except for money, the slot machine can also issue various other items, such as a hammer as a weapon against other players, a shield as a means of protecting oneself from the onslaught of opponents, or can also run mini games to steal from other Coin Master players.


When a player gets 3 hammers from a slot machine, it has the opportunity to attack other players and then rob various belongings. If the robbed player has a shield, the results will not be much. On the other hand, players can also be robbed by other players and then their village is destroyed. Therefore, it is necessary to fix the destroyed village so that its construction can continue.

Minimalist Visuals

When it comes to the Vikings, perhaps what comes to mind is a sadistic figure with a bustling village atmosphere. But that look won't be in CoinMaster. Because the depiction of the village shown can be said to be so simple. But the animation that is displayed is quite okay, although a little minimal. Coin Master's gameplay doesn't need an overly grand animated depiction. Casual depiction is sufficient.

Connected to Facebook

Carrying the concept of online games, Coin Master  apply a connection to the social network Facebook. Players can participate in playing and then compete with many Facebook friends. The players can exchange cards with each other so that the collection is even more complete. Players can also meet many other Viking friends. Coin Master does have to be run online, where the stamina system is waiting time to run the slot machine. Coin Master is a free game which of course found microtransaction features. In this feature, players can redeem the use of slot machines so that they are more frequent and also buy a number of coins.

Even though the Coin Master game has a relaxed character, the combat aspect it brings is actually quite challenging so that players don't get bored quickly. Building a Viking village, carrying out robbery of other villages with the aim of becoming the strongest Viking group that has ever existed is the essence of playing Coin Master.

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