Become a Master of Deadly Bacteria in Plague Inc

Plague Inc is a game that adheres to the RTS (real time strategy) concept from Ndemic Creation. The basic concept of Plague Inc is actually easy, players have a mission to destroy humans through Plague. Plague is a type of biological destruction weapon in the form of bacteria and viruses. But playing it certainly requires a trick.

Become a Bacteria Expert

Plague Inc at first glance looks like Pandemic 2.5. This game assigns the player to become a bacteriologist. Players must modify the bacteria that can be used as weapons to kill humans on earth. To play it, first the player must choose a target country as a location to spread the killer bacteria. Players will be able to watch if the bacteria start to spread little by little to people and then spread to various parts of the world through airports and ports.

When the bacteria have spread, the player will get DNA. The benefit of DNA is that it is the basic material for conducting further bacterial modification research. There are 3 buttons for bacterial modification including the Transmission tab, then the Symptoms tab and the Abilities tab. Choosing Transmission can strengthen the prowess of bacteria in terms of transmission to other humans.

Meanwhile, if you choose Symptom, it can make the bacteria difficult to track, which antivirus should be used. Meanwhile, if the player chooses Abilites, the bacteria that are created have a very high lethal ability. Plague Inc provides various types of bacterial modifications to choose from, but players must consider them carefully before choosing them.

Smart Fight with Humans

Of course, humans will fight using various tactics. You have to watch out for when humans produce antivirus to fight bacteria developed by players. Because if humans are able to create an antivirus from the bacteria they make, the player will lose. That's the fun that Plague Inc. has to offer. Players must compete with humans on earth. Players must be able to create bacteria with high lethality before humans know it. When humans just realized this situation means, humans are too late and extinction is in sight.

Level of difficulty

Plague Inc offers 3 levels of difficulty, namely Casual, Normal, and Brutal. If the player is able to win in Casual mode, they still cannot access other variations of Plague that are still locked. However, if players can win Normal and Brutal modes, new players can activate locked Plague variations including Virus, Fungus, Bio Weapon, Parasite, Prion, and Nano Virus.

This game also adopts a rating system of 1 to 5 stars. In order to get 5 stars, a number of aspects must be considered. For example, the time it takes for bacteria to spread to various parts of the world. The faster the bacteria spread and automatically turn off the score obtained, the higher the score. The next consideration is the advancement of human-developed antivirus. The lower the progress of the antivirus developed by humans, the automatically higher scores achieved by players and vice versa.

Visual OK

In general, the visual treat of Plague Inc it's been very good. Usually, strategy games don't really prioritize the graphic aspect, but not for this one game. However, there is one drawback of this game, namely the world map that is presented. The world map in it doesn't quite fit on the screen. In fact the world map for the top overlaps with the News interface. As a result, a number of countries are not visible and somewhat interfere with the comfort of the gameplay.

IAP system

In game Plague Inc there is also an IAP system. The IAP system can be run by players using the grinding method. In fact, the items contained in the IAP can be obtained simply by playing this game. Plague Inc is a strategy game that is really fun to enjoy. Players can achieve victory in this game using various strategies. Presenting pretty good visuals in the RTS genre class, the Plague Inc game is certainly worth it if it won the first position for the Top Paid App category in just 3 days.

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