Forgot to unplug the charger when the HP battery is 100%, is it dangerous?

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The HP battery is a component that gives smartphone owners a lot of anxiety. Many believe in various myths about HP batteries. From what he said that a new cellphone must be used first until the battery runs out or 0% and then it is fully charged and turned off for up to eight hours.

This myth is really troubling, and unfortunately there are still many who believe in this myth. This is usually supported by the sellers in the store who prescribe the recommendation. The buyer didn't understand, and just nodded in agreement and left the shop.

Actually now, when you buy a new cellphone and turn it on for the first time, you can immediately charge the cellphone battery without having to wait for 0%, and without having to charge it for eight hours.

To avoid endless debate, let's briefly discuss this issue without judging anyone's beliefs.

iPhone, iPad and iPod Users Are Most Worried About Their iDevice Battery

Carry on Vicigers, who here is an iDevice user? Raise your hands! Who is watching every day battery health on the iDevice? Sneaky! Surely most of you are worried about battery health, whether it's on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod, which are currently rarely used.

When you buy it for the first time and turn it on for the first time, you will get a status battery health you are at the highest level that is 100%. Many users complain even on the latest iPhones, such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max for example. Several users in various gadget forums have complained about the battery health they are always reduced, even though they have implemented good habits when charging their iDevice.

Like charging before less than 20%, or before really 0%. Immediately unplug the charger when the battery is 100%. However, battery health they are still decreasing. Apple has not yet clarified this, they only recommend that users continue to prioritize good habits when charging their iDevice. The system will recommend that you replace your iDevice battery, if battery health has reached a level below 80%.

However, it's not a mandatory thing to do, because you can still use your iDevice at any time battery health You are already below level 80%. Moreover, it is very difficult for us to get original batteries for our iDevice, the best solution is to buy 3rd party batteries with guaranteed quality, such as Log-On, Hippo, Vizz, etc. Suggestions from us:

Never be tempted by low-priced HP batteries and with frills double power!

Some Easy Steps To Keep Your HP Battery Health Awake

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Screen on Time (SoT) Android Smartphone
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  • For the latest smartphones, you shouldn't have to worry if you forget to unplug the charger before you go to sleep. The technology embedded in your cellphone is now more sophisticated, the system will automatically enter mode trickle, keep your cellphone at the 100% battery level but without overcharging. Some brands also regulate their homemade smartphones so that when the battery level is about to be fully charged, the charging of the HP battery will automatically slow down, this actually has its pluses and minuses.
  • Keep your cellphone cool and not hot when charging. Many of you before going to bed charge your cellphone and put it on the bed. Then you don't realize when you are asleep, your cellphone is even under the pillow and has no circulation, causing your cellphone to overheat. This in the long run is very detrimental to the health of your HP battery. Don't get used to it!
  • It would be nice if your situation requires you to charge your cellphone before going to bed and then leave it. You should immediately go to an electronics store or look online, an outlet equipped with a timer

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