Avoid Baxia, Later Can't Regen HP!

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Hello Vicigers! One of tank heroes Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who can stop his opponent from doing HP regen by using skills or items the one he uses is Baxia. Hero this can have the effect of not being able to HP regen when near him.

Like Esmeralda with skills who can take shield opponent easily and can do HP regen in the skills her, when she is close to Hero This Baxia, Esmeralda can't do anything.

Just as Uranus is known as hero in the HP regen the highest among hero other. Baxia is hero tanks that have damage reduction which is not owned tank other.

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Damage reduction itself is an effect that resides within the Mobile Legends game found in Tank heroes which can make them even tougher and thicker.

Especially Baxia who has damage reduction higher among Tank heroes other. The following is an explanation of skills owned by Baxia.

Baxia Mark

This hero can do marking or bookmark hero opponent hit by skills this passive way hero opponent who gives basic attack or give damage to Baxia, there will be a sign that is on the hero the opponent.

Hero affected skills this passive for 4 seconds can't do HP regen which keeps his blood from increasing and makes Baxia increase damage reduction-so that when it reaches its highest limit, Baxia is like a very hard rock that cannot be crushed or killed.

Skill 1 (Baxia-Shield Unity)

On skills The 1st Baxia can turn into like a spinning wheel and can jump several times before skills 1 is out.

When this hero turns into this wheel Baxia can crash himself into hero the opponent who will give effect stun and knockback for a few seconds.

Baxia will change to normal when hit minion or jungle monsters, therefore in using skills this must be carefully to crash into hero opponent.

Skills 2 (Shield of Spirit)

On skills this hero can throw both shield it to the opponent by giving effect magic damage the big one. Affected opponent skills it will be hit passive hero skills This is what can't be done HP regen for 4 seconds and cause effect slow to hero hit opponent skillsthis one.

Ultimate Skills (Tortoise's Puissance)

On Ultimate skills here this hero will add movement speed it for a few seconds and it will release a liquid like larva along the path he traversed, both in a normal state and in a state like a wheel.

When skills is active then this hero will get damage reduction very large up to 75%. At that time this hero was like a very hard rock and could not be killed easily.

Items which is very suitable for use by this hero, namely items which has the additional effect of making hero this hero becomes very strong as follows:

Warrior Boots

Items which is very suitable to ward off hero in the physical attack tall one. Shoes that are widely used by tank when fighting hero enemy who relies a lot physical attack.

Cursed Helmet

cursed helmet
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Items which was very useful for Baxia when entering mid game because it will give the effect of 1.5% from the maximum MOBILE PHONE as Magical Damage on hero nearby opponents.

Antique Cuirass


Items the next one is Antique Cuirass which will give 920 MOBILE PHONE, 54 armor, and 30 HP regen which is very suitable to be combined with skills owned by this hero.

Besides items who is at the top that can make Baxia become tank the strongest and most difficult to kill, there is one important thing that must be done by other teammates, namely to always support one's struggle tank who have done initiator to do team fight or do ganking to hero opponent who is alone in lane. One thing that is a very good communication.

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