The Art of Survival in Fallout Shelter Games

This mobile game by Bethesda Softworks was horrendous at the beginning of its appearance. This game is a spinoff series of the Fallout Saga that has existed since 1997. The newest series is Fallout Shelter. Fallout Shelter is available for Android as well as iOS. Fallout Shelter is now no longer carrying the concept of an RPG but a simulation.

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Play As Overseer

Fallout Shelter presents a survival simulation genre of Wasteland people who must work together to achieve prosperity in the shelter. Starting to run Fallout Shelter, maybe many players think that this is a simple game that presents cartoon-style visuals that are not excessive. However, the fact is that this game is not just a simulation game for survival in a temporary shelter.

In this game, the player plays the role of an Overseer which can be interpreted as a controller in a Vault or shelter. Players must bring dwellers or Wasteland people to be placed in the Vault as workers. That is the task of Fallout Shelter players in leading a number of dwellers so that they can survive by working.

Not only that, Fallout Shelter players also need to build lots of rooms with different uses. Well, the Vault or the shelter is actually standing on a cliff with the size of a two-dimensional grid, which when viewed with zoom out looks like an ant house. The room made is 1×3 in size, equipped with an elevator with a size of 1×1. The 1×3 room in the shelter can be expanded so that its size is now 1×6 or 1×9. Players can expand the room up to three times in order to accommodate more working dwellers.

Caps Currency

It should be noted that making room in Fallout Shelter is definitely not free. That's right, players must buy in a currency called Caps following the price set for each room. Players actually have another alternative, namely using the Lunchbox bonus. But you can also pay with real money. The lunchbox contains a number of cards that give bonus weapons and costumes and often Caps.

The types of rooms that can be made in the Fallout Shelter are: Living Quarters, Elevator, Power Generator, Water Treatment, Diner, Storage Room, Science Lab, Medbay, Radio Studio, Athletics Room, Weight Room, Armory, Fitness Room, Classroom, Lounge , Game Room, Garden, Nuclear Reactor, Nuka-Cola Bottler and Water Purification . Each room has its own provisions regarding the number of dwellers that can fill the Vault to build it.

After making the basic room, players must maintain it with a 3 bar meter indicator consisting of water, power and food. So, of course, the dweller must work in order to obtain resources to fill the bar meter.

Mating Process

Dwellers who arrived not all at once in large numbers. Fallout Shelter players will certainly feel a crisis so they need a large number of dwellers so they can work faster to build rooms. One of the uniqueness of Fallout Shelter is that players can marry dwellers to produce offspring. Children who are born grow up quickly to be employed as adults. It is enough to bring together two different dwellers in the Living Quarters for the mating process.

Skill Dwellers

Players can also send dwellers to the Wasteland to get new things. The trick, tap and then sweep the dweller to exit the Vault. The dwellers sent earlier will find a variety of unique items that are useful when they return home. Dweller can die if the health meter is empty. It is experienced when the dweller is after fighting with monsters or raiders that are encountered in the middle of the road. Therefore players can treat dwellers using Stimpak.

Fallout Shelter players can also change costumes and weapons according to their abilities. Updating costumes and automatic weapons strengthens dweller skills when working or facing enemies. Various skills mastered by dwellers namely Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck which is abbreviated as SPECIAL Players will be busy honing the skills of the dwellers to be more skilled.

Fallout Shelter is a simulation game that is fun but also challenging because players must be able to manage the dwellers in order to survive. In the end, players who have completed the final stage of the Vault will see how crowded the rooms are with dwellers. Usually players don't know what else to do.

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