God Of War Art Director Tries to “Remake” Chrono Trigger

God Of War

Viggers! In addition to Final Fantasy, Square-Enix has many JRPG franchises that are known to be strong in the hearts of some of their fans. One of them is Chrono Trigger which has dozens of different endings. Of course, besides the story of Crono and his friends in a very memorable "game of time". That anything can happen in the game.

God Of War

Unfortunately, the franchise designed by Hironobu Sakaguchi, Yuji Horii, Akira Toriyama, and Nobuo Uematsu is not getting more attention nowadays. The sudden release of the PC version of Chrono Trigger by Square-Enix in 2018 via Steam, also did not give any signal about a remake like Trials of Mana.

But it seems the artist from the following God of War developer said otherwise. Raf Grassetti, Art Director of God of War, is trying to remake his own version of Chrono Trigger. Through his Twitter account he made Crono and Glenn in 3D which he likened to Final Fantasy base-art.

As one might have guessed, Crono seems to have a realist western face compared to some of Square-Enix's base-art games, which generally still incorporate fantasy and Asian elements in them. This also happened to Glenn, who of course could not be guessed from his appearance because he was a frog. However, this does not cover the fact that the work of one of Sony Santa Monica's best talents is indeed extraordinary.

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