Arknights, Very Challenging Android Tower Defense Game

Thanks to today's technological advances, the mobile game industry is starting to be able to produce good games. One that is quite interesting is Arknights, a tower defense game for Android. Arknights is not an ordinary tower defense game, this game features various types of characters that can be leveled up to get better stats.

Exciting Storyline

In Arknights the player along with Amiya the leader has the task of recruiting Operators. Players are also obliged to train them to be proficient and then assigned to various missions to protect innocent people as well as face criminals who want to make the world chaotic.

The story missions in Arknights are separated into episodes. Each episode will provide more insight into the lore and world of the game. What is very interesting about these Arknights are members of a team called Operators who have a strange appearance. For example some are like lizards, while others have cute bunny ears. The various Operator characters are fully voiced in Japanese, each with their own unique and distinct personality.

Challenging Tower Defense

Arknights gameplay revolves around Tower Defense. Simply put, the player must plan the character to prevent the enemy team from reaching the camp. Strategy and quick thinking come into play here as Operators have specializations and roles, with each having unique skills. Bringing a roster of players with various skills is a must if you want to win in Arknights. Players cannot stop during battle to manage Operators.

Arknights players can activate the Auto Battles mode which allows artificial intelligence in the game to copy the previous player's movements. After completing a stage with flying colors, players are then awarded Auto Battles prizes. Auto Battle allows the AI to use the player's previous moves to complete levels and farm resources. Yes, in this game Auto Battle is a reward that must be sought to get it.

Base Management

The base used in Arknights is the place where the Operator lives and works while the player is away. Players can check it regularly for additional resources that will help in the fight. For a respite from the thrill of Tower Defense, players can visit Bases to craft resources, sell them for LMD, or interact with characters to improve their battle performance. In base management, Operators can be assigned to specific facilities. Every Operator has basic skills which when used in the right job and facilities, will give better results. Operators also experienced fatigue, so players had to give them a break after a while.

Players in Arknights can also take the time to use the collected resources to build or upgrade facilities. Each has a function that helps in Operator development. Some perks open up more recruiting slots, making it possible to search for Operators after a certain amount of time. While other facilities help in making Operators happy. Upgrading the base and with the character is a must as it will unlock rarer and more valuable resources which can be used to further strengthen.

Character Upgrade

In Arknights, players do not level up as a result of battles. Players can level up by obtaining resources from these battles and allocating them to Operators. The higher the Operator rarity, the more resources needed to level up. Leveling up is very important because the missions will become more difficult as the player progresses the story. High-level resources are awarded as rewards for the most difficult missions.

Players can also buy decoration items, cosmetics, and tickets for new characters in the game shop. Payments are made using in-game currency. Arknights has 2 currencies namely Originite Prime and Orundum. Originite Prime is a currency that can be used to buy almost anything using the in-game Store, including gacha, character costumes, and basic materials. Originite Prime can be purchased in bulk for real money. Originite Prime can also be obtained when the player completes a mission for the first time. Orundum is relatively easier to obtain and use when recruiting new Operators.

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