5 Best DOTA 2 Arcana and How to Get It

DOTA 2 Arcana

Arcana DOTA 2 is one of the rarest forms of skin available in the game that players want to have. Now, VCGamers summarizes the five best and how to get them.

The DOTA 2 arcana brings the edge of elegance to the appearance of heroes and their abilities while featuring a number of changes to animation, particle effects, sound, and more.

Among the more than 120 playable DOTA 2 heroes in the game, Valve has released Arcanas for just 20 of them, with the most recent being the Dread Retribution Bundle for Drow Ranger. Players have a vote for many of them via the Arcana voting available during Battle Passes.

This article looks at the five best DOTA 2 Arcana of the mix and if and how players can get them.

Best DOTA 2 Arcana List

The Eminence of Ristul Bundle

DOTA 2 Arcana

Released in 2020, for many, this is one of the best cosmetic bundles that has been released for DOTA 2 heroes. The Eminence of Ristul Bundle follows Akasha, the return of the Queen of Pain to the Court of Ristul.

He intends to claim the throne and, to do so, make a bargain with the exiled demon prince and gain new powers.

The Eminence of Ristul bundle perfectly captured the essence of torment and domination that the Queen of Pain emitted.

It comes with a new model adorned with demon looks, whips, special animations, effects, and over five hundred exclusive sound channels. This bundle also has a second unlockable style that brings a different color theme.

The Queen of Pain Arcana DOTA 2 is located at Level 445 in the 2020 Battle Pass. Those who missed the opportunity to pick it up unfortunately won't be able to buy it as the bundle is neither purchaseable nor will it be dropped. One can only hope that Valve makes it available later in some way.

The Magus Cypher

DOTA 2 Arcana
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Rubick, the Grand Magus, is the winner of the Arcana voting on The International 2018 Battle Pass. The Cypher Magus Bundle was dropped at the Frosthaven DOTA 2 event in December of the same year.

The Magus Cypher tells the story of Rubick being able to "play with the confines of the mysterious arts" and "reshape the wizarding world as he sees fit."

The Magus Cypher bundle gives heroes a new model with particle effects and animations that emit magic. The most interesting aspect of this bundle is the fact that it adds special animations and particle effects for stolen spells, which can be unlocked by winning the game with Rubick.

The Magus Cypher bundle can be purchased in-game and from the Steam market. This is one of the most unique skins in DOTA 2 and Rubick spammers would love to get it.

Manifold Paradox

With the Manifold Paradox bundle, the Phantom Assassin looks even more threatening than usual. Animated effects add to the mystique surrounding the hero, and weapon effects justify the bundle being DOTA 2 Arcana.

The latter has three unlockable styles that change the color theme. Killing the enemy with the Paradox Manifold leaves the Paradox Memorial where the enemy dies.

The Manifold Paradox Bundle came after the hero won the 2014 Arcana vote. It came out the same year in November. The DOTA 2 arcana for Phantom Assassin is available via in-game and the Steam Marketplace.

Demon Eater

It's been more than half a decade since the DOTA 2 Arcana for Shadow Fiend came out in 2014. A shining daemon makeover comes from Shadow Fiend learning the price and rewards that come from stealing demon souls. The changes made by Arcana to the basic model of the DOTA 2 hero make the hero even more terrifying.

The Demon Eater Bundle is a great example of what the Arcana brings to heroes. It is available via in-game and the Steam Marketplace.

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Bladeform Legacy

Coming as the winner of the 2016 Arcana vote, Bladeform Legacy is the awakening of ancient souls in Juggernaut masks. The hero's body is in subtle form with two variants – Legacy and Origins with their respective color themes. The Arcana Bundle brings the Dragon Spirit ancestor to help the Juggernaut in times of need.

Arcana brings a variety of new animations and particle effects to Juggernaut, including for teleportation, victory, kill effect, Omnislash, Bladefury, and crits.

The altered voice also adds immersion for the players. Like all but one cosmetic bundle on the list, Bladeform Legacy can be purchased in-game and on the Steam Marketplace.

The Benevolent Companion perfectly bridges the knowledge between DOTA 2 and Portal, taking inspiration from Portal's iconic Weighted Companion Cube.

Given the little developers have to work with, Arcana is a work of art. It brings custom animations for each IO skill and death while adding a little heart to the box model for heroes.

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As per a recent leak, the next two DOTA 2 Arcana players may see in the delayed Battle Pass for The International 2022 are Faceless Void and Skywrath Mage. Fans have been clamoring for the former for a long time, and support players will be delighted to see the latter.

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