BNB and BTC analysis Tuesday 21 June 2022

Crypto Whitepaper - BNB Prediction

VCGamers analyzes the movement of crypto assets BNB/UDST and BTC/USDT as of today, Tuesday 21 June 2022.

This analysis is carried out to provide an overview related to the movement of the two crypto assets.

In addition, this BNB/USDT and BTC/USDT analysis is carried out to be able to predict the movement of these two assets.

So what are the results of the analysis? Let's see more!

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BNB/USDT analysis

BNB June 21, 2022
BNB June 21, 2022

VCGamers did a BNB/UDST analysis today.

Based on the analysis, today's market conditions are still in the Ascending Channel area. Where, the market is still bullish to resistance at $217,- / $225,-.

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BTC/USDT analysis

BTC June 21, 2022
BTC June 21, 2022
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Next up is the BTC/USDT crypto asset. It is known, as a Time frame indicator on a coin or token, it is usually analyzed via TF-4H, especially BTC is still in a Bullish condition and is heading towards the Bullish V-Foemation Pattern to price resistance $21.122,- / $21.684,- / $22.442, - supported by bullish divergence line signal.

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Crypto investment is a risky activity. So, we have to see how crypto assets move before deciding to invest or not.

We can make an investment after doing thorough research.

This can be done by multiplying references about a crypto project.

So, we can determine the next step to invest or not.


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