Analysis of BNB and BTC Thursday 23 June 2022

Bitcoin Investment

Hello Vicigers, this time we re-analyze BNB/USDT and BTC/USDT today, Thursday 23 June 2022.

This analysis is to predict the movement of the two crypto assets.

Check out the full review!

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Analysis BNB/USDT

BNB Analysis June 23, 2022
BNB Analysis June 23, 2022

Today's market conditions are predicted to form the Ascending Channel Pattern. It is predicted that the resistance at $225,- will form. Bearish Pattern Rising Wedge is formed and Fullback will fall to support at $217,-/ $220,-.

After that, it is predicted that it will rebound towards resistance at $225,- / $227,-.

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BTC/USDT analysis

BTC Analysis June 23, 2022
BTC Analysis June 23, 2022
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This afternoon's market conditions are forming the Broadening Descending Wedge or Butterfly pattern.

The market is predicted to continue to rise to resistance at $20.465,- / $21.067,- / $21.625,-.

Then the market will fullback down to support at the price of $20,465,- / $21,067,-

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This analysis is a prediction. Keep doing your research before investing.

Investing in crypto assets is a high-risk activity. We must be able to know risks and benefits.

In addition we need to know the fundamentals of the chosen crypto asset to invest.

Do thorough research to find out which crypto project to choose.


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