Tips for Playing Reyna Valorant, a Suitable Agent for Frag Entry!

Reyna Valorant

Reyna is one of the duelist agents in the game Valorant. Like other duelist agents, Reyna has skills that help players become entry fraggers.

Vicigers who have an aggressive playing style are definitely suitable for using Reyna. Aggressive games can help the team to break into an area or site so that they win.

For Vicigers who are interested in using Reyna, let's check out the tips and tricks for playing Reyna in the Valorant game below!

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Tips for Playing Reyna Valorant as an Entry Fragger

Don't be afraid to enter the area

Reyna Valorant Entry Frag
Reyna Valorant As First Agent To Enter Site. Source: VCGamers

Many players who use duelist agents are still afraid to enter the area. In fact, the duelist agent has the task of entering the area first to pave the way for teammates.

The player can do this task with a duelist agent because of the supportive skill set. Reyna has a skill called Leer that can blind enemies. By activating this skill, Reyna will throw the ball and the enemy's vision will be lost when she sees the ball.

Leer's skill can be a help so Reyna can enter an area as an entry fragger. After throwing the ball, Reyna will enter the area and must kill the enemy who is blind from seeing the ball from the skill.

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Always Check the Corner Area

Reyna Valorant Check Angle
Example Reyna Checks Angle When Entering Valorant Site. Source: VCGamers

Often Valorant players forget to check the angle when entering an area or site. Players need to remember that the enemy will usually swear in a corner or holding angle.

So, with the Leer skill, Reyna could blind the enemy who was cursing and hold angle. Every time a player enters the area, don't forget to check if there are still enemies hiding.

If the player manages to kill the enemy and some of the blood or HP disappears from being shot, Reyna can heal herself with a skill called Devour. This skill will consume the souls of enemies killed by Reyna and give Reyna HP.

In addition to giving HP, Reyna can also disappear for a while with her skill called Dismiss. After Reyna kills the enemy, if there are still enemies that appear, Reyna can escape by activating the Dismiss skill so that Reyna can disappear and run away.

Both skills that consume the enemy's soul have a charge or limit. If Reyna uses the ultimate, then the skill is free for Reyna to use as long as there is still a newly killed enemy soul.

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Use Reyna's Skills Well and Efficiently

Reyna Valorant Skill Leer
An example of using the Leer Skill that blinds the enemy. Source: VCGamers

The use of Reyna's skill can determine a victory. Players must use skills efficiently when using Reyna.

The Leer skill is very useful for blinding enemies, but the skill is relatively expensive and only has 2 uses. So, players must use these skills in order to enter a site easily.

In addition, players should not panic when dealing with enemies. When panicked, players will usually use the Dismiss skill even though HP or blood is low.

So, the use of the Leer skill must be appropriate and the use of the Dismiss and Devour skills must also be in accordance with the circumstances.

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Aim Training and Warm-up in Valorant

Reyna Valorant Practice Aim
Example of Recoil Control Exercise in Firing Range. Source: VCGamers

Reyna's skill requires the player to kill the enemy. So, players must practice aiming so that the aim is more precise and the crosshair remains on the enemy's head.

Before playing ranked, VCGamers recommends Vicigers to play Deathmatch as a warm-up. In Deathmatch mode, Vicigers will encounter many enemies and will get used to the placement of crosshairs and aim.

In addition to playing Deathmatch, Vicigers can also practice aiming in Firing Range mode. Vicigers are free to do anything in the Firing Range, an example is warm-up shooting bots.

Shooting bots can be a warm-up and aiming practice. In addition, there are bots available as a recoil control exercise.

Those are the tips for using Reyna as a Valorant duelist agent. To top up Valorant Point, visit VC Market by VCGamers!

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