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Using Alice Mobile Legends? Know 6 Strengths and Weaknesses of This Tempting Vampire!

alice mobile legends cover

Until now Alice Mobile Legends enough to compete among heroes mage like Pharsa, Kagura, Harith and Valentina.

This is understandable considering Alice has skills exclusive that can make it resilient to being battered by creeps and heroes opponent.

If you often use Alice in every matches, it's good if you know more about this Beautiful Vampire, the actor of Vexana's husband. You may have felt some of them when using Alice, especially when matches not reach late game.

So that you are even more proficient in using Alice, the following explanation will enlighten you so you can adjust the tempo of using Alice in Mobile Legends.

6 Advantages of Alice Mobile Legends You Should Take Advantage of

Can Be Released Alone

alice mobile legends alone

Alice does have a job as mage, but ultimate Alice said otherwise. Ulti This Alice could suck on and on MOBILE PHONE creeps nor heroes opponent and will add MOBILE PHONEher with quite a lot.

Most player ML who wears Alice will definitely upgrade in a hurry skills ultimateso that it can withstand being battered heroes fight in mid lane, side lane, jungle, or gold lane. In fact, you can let Alice too roam alone without help healer.

Alice's ability to be a nightmare for heroes who need a lot farming in lane-lane the. You see, Alice will come to confront them with ultimateits annoying.

Guaranteed they will run back to their area and approach lanes another.

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One of Mage The one that can Solo Push

alice mobile legends solo push

Alice Mobile Legends is often used heroes that carries the team so they have a wide area coverage for farming and upgrading skills.

You can take advantage skills 1 Alice so that the opponent does not dare to get close to lanes your team, because the energy ball he shoots can hit heroes opponent behind him. skills this will indeed be Alice's mainstay if you use it for solo push.

Furthermore, skills 2 Alice can you spam because the more Alice level up, the less too where is the cost-his. You can spam skills 2 this when the opponent approaches and skills 1 is still in CD. Alternatively, you approach your opponent and use it skills 2 of these.

Don't worry about getting hit back, because all you have to do is activate it ultimate and spam skills 2 to add MOBILE PHONE Alice.

Specialist Early Game In Jungle And Midlane

alice mobile legends jungle lane

Alice can be classified into heroes strong in the early game, especially when you want to farming buff blue (or speed and gold) from the start of the game.

By doing this, Alice will accumulate a lot of numbers buff gold and where so he can do a lot of ranged attacks with skills its 1, and bullying heroes opponent or creeps with skills its 2.

alice mobile legends mid lane

You always have to be sensitive if for example there is heroes your team that needs help is good for cover and to support attack. The reason, Alice has the ability to expedite timings attack heroes your partner.

For example, Benedetta is in need stack buffs gold and besieged by heroes opponent. So, activate it ultimate Alice then use skills 1 to dislodge the enemy's encirclement and skills 2 if necessary. damage produced by Alice will hurt more if you activate ultimate-his.

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Can Bully Heroes jungler Opponent

alice mobile legends bully jungler opponent

Lots player who complained about Alice Mobile Legends especially in jungle lane. This is caused by frequent jungle lane mastered by player veteran who used Alice to monopolize jungle lane their team.

illustration, player utilise ultimate Alice to absorb a lot MOBILE PHONE from heroes fun opponent farming buff red and blue. Alice usually likes to suddenly show up and perform steal kill or kill heroes opponents dying from attacks creeps (a kind of "trash").

For that reason, heroes Alice is sometimes in-tire by the opponent in order to have a chance to farming in jungle lane.

Especially, seasons then Alice Mobile Legends also got Revamp from Moonton which adds to the horror at lanes the.

Skillsets Alice Got damage Sick

alice mobile legends damage hurts

Alice in Mobile Legends might be one of them heroes Moonton's favorite, you see skillset Alice damageits high enough even without additions buff.

If you're curious, skillset This Alice could get sicker because of skills passive. Why can? skills Alice's passive will add a lot MOBILE PHONE and wherehis, as well as reduce 10% CD each skillsit's also extra shields.

This advantage can make Alice do a lot spam skills by calculation and timings right. Apart from being heroes strong in-bullying, Alice can also go backbullying heroes opponent.

Usually, skills 1 Alice and ultimatethe one that will overwhelm the opponent because there is an addition skills passive Alice. If you build Alice as DPS or tankers, of course you will know a lot about the pain damage Alice even remained consistent up to late game.

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Effective for Cleaning Rows Minions Opponent

alice mobile legends clean minions 1

If you need heroes for clearlane, Alice Mobile Legends could be one of your options. skills 1 Alice will help your team a lot to do this.

For example, in early game core heroes your team is having trouble at top lane because there is a line minions and heroes opponent. Alice could be backups the right fit to attack them with skills 1 which has a very long attack range.

alice mobile legends clean minions 2

Possible heroes the opponent will not die immediately, but minions will definitely lose a lot MOBILE PHONE and core heroes you can take care of the rest. If you're lucky, Alice can wipe out everything and just attack turret fight in top lane.

If you increase its attack power with ultimate Alice, automatically you will be able to bulldoze all obstacles with skills 1 such Alice. Bottom line, use it skills ultimate and 1 for cleaning.

6 Weaknesses of Alice in Mobile Legends that you have to outsmart

Basic Attack Who has damage Mini

alice mobile legends basic attack damage is small

Alice in Mobile Legends is indeed different from mage the "pure". The reason is, mostly hero mage will rely on basic attacks them to give magic damage to opponent.

This becomes an anomaly for Alice because basic attacksits very inadequate to support the banging power of Alice's attack. Finally, you will depend on where and buy a lot items for buff and upgrades where.

Need a lot Mana Buffs

alice mobile legends needs buff

As mage that could be tank, Alice is also very unable to save where-his. Maybe this was caused by his above average ability, so Moonton outsmarted him by setting where is the cost skillset Alice with a large number.

The only one skills thrifty is skills 2. In the moment skills 1st and ultimate Alice instead rose as Alice leveled up, cost skills 2 even less. However, skills These 2 are not Alice's mainstay for bullying heroes fight and clean minions and creeps.

Lots player who was quite surprised by this because Alice was in dire need skills 1st and ultimateso that it can function properly in matches.

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Can't Much Spam Skills

alice mobile legends can't spam skills

Connecting with the previous explanation, you don't have many options for spam skills Alice except waiting CD and which buffs to activate skills 1st and ultimate-his.

If you want build Alice as tank pure, you should avoid this as it will make Alice weaker than usual. Even if you still want build Alice resembles tankers, you can outsmart by buying items for tank or use battle spells certain.

Alice could indeed be tankers, but you can not change roleshis to be tankers real.

Less Tuned Same Agile Team

alice mobile legends less agile

If you want to play fast, Alice can be a teammate who is not good for your team composition. The reason, Alice often wandered in lanes at random and more to solo push.

Even so, in some cases, Alice can be very compatible with teammates like Popol, Roger or Gusion if they also focus on roles and their respective positions.

Alice can indeed be invited to work in a team and play agilely, but if you have one in your team hero support others can cover like Baxia or Franco so that Alice is more focused on attacks than support attack and cover.

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Difficult to escape from the pursuit of opponents

alice mobile legends hard to escape from the chase

skills Alice's passive will indeed add up movement speed-his. But the condition is, you must spam skills to add movement speed Alice.

If you bring items or have buff blue, maybe you can handle this. But if you play more to role tanks, maybe you will be cover your teammates and replace them as victims kill heroes opponent.

With roles also, you will have trouble getting items saver where because gold will be allocated to core heroes your team.

So, Alice will have a hard time escaping from her opponent's pursuit because she doesn't have time to get one items or buff where to activate skills passive.

Ulti Out, Alice Can Be Slaughtered Again

alice mobile legends got ganking

This could be a dire situation if ultimate Alice is in a state CD and your position is in CC heroes opponent.

Maybe Alice can stay survive with ability ultimate-his. But, if it turns out that the opponent attacks Alice faster, the story will be different.

Especially if heroes opponent is like Saber, Benedetta, Lesley or Roger. It could be, you immediately exhausted exposed ganking them and didn't have time lifesteal.

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Already know the advantages and disadvantages of Alice Mobile Legends now? Time for you to reset styles play you especially when using Alice ya Vicigers!

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