5 Advantages of Hero Helcurt in Mobile Legends, Slick Bro!

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Hero Helcurt is one of the most slippery assassins in Mobile Legends. Not only that, there are 5 advantages that you should know before using it.

Hero Helcurt is one of the deadliest assassins in Mobile Legends, this hero has everything you need to kill enemy heroes. Helcurt's hero skills are so perfect that you might be interested in him after knowing all the advantages this hero has.

He has a fast game mechanism, this hero relies on his second skill for fast attacks and great damage. Of course, although fatal, he has many advantages that you need to know.

Curious what are the advantages of the Helcurt hero? Let's see below.

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List of Advantages of Hero Helcurt MLBB

Has Big Damage

Hero Helcurt

The first advantage that the Helcurt hero has is that he does a lot of damage early in the game, an advantage that almost all Assassin heroes have.

He does a lot of damage at the beginning of the game because his second skill is (Deadly Stinger) This skill hits five Stingers per opponent, each Stinger has 180 (+80 percent extra physical attack) damage. This means that he is able to deal 900 damage to the opponent's hero (+400 percent more physical attack) if five Stingers are collected. 

With that much damage of course he can easily kill the opponent's hero, do farming and jungling very quickly. You must try this hero!

Burst Damage is very high. Yep, indeed the burst damage attack is only issued on skill 2.

For the ultimate, it only provides assistance to darken the opponent's vision and skill one to teleport. Even if you only use one skill. However, he often pays for full-time presinking.

Very Slick

Hero Helcurt
Skill 2

The advantage of having both hands on the Helcurt hero is that he is a very agile hero, this advantage allows him to quickly catch up and run away while chasing enemies.

Of the four skills this hero has, skill one (Shadow Transition) and skill three (Dark Night Falls) are the skills that make this hero active.

Shadow Transition Skill This skill can teleport Helcurt to the desired location, he can use this skill to penetrate walls. This ability can be generated by using his ultimate skill, which allows all opponents to get a dark effect and also gives his movement speed.

By using it, you can easily catch up to your opponent, preventing you from attacking your opponent and also targeting the enemy's core in the back line. This one skill will help him in teamfight.

Finally, thanks to his third skill (Dragon Night Falls), this skill provides a 65 percent increase in movement speed in eight seconds, he can run as fast as lightning when this skill is active. You also get extra points if a teammate kills the opponent's hero while the skill is active. Try!

Deadly CC Skills

Hero Helcurt
Skill 1
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The third advantage that the Helcurt hero has is that he has the lethal ability to control the audience, this advantage allows him to quickly cover and kill the opponent's hero.

Of the four skills this hero has, three of them can give a cc effect. The specific skill is (Race Advantage) Gives a silent effect of 1.5 to all enemy heroes, gives Helcurt and many control effects.

Skill One (Shadow Transition) If he teleports to the opponent's location, the target reaches 40 percent in 1.5 seconds. then the end of the second skill (Deadly Stinger) This skill gives a slow effect from eight seconds to three seconds.

You will be amazed when you use this hero. This ability is similar to Natalia in the form of silence. But he is a better version.

This feature can be activated when he who attacks the opponent, or when the opponent is about to attack him. Unlike Natalie, who becomes active upon entering stealth mode and attacks her. 

Can Fight Other Assassins

Hero Helcurt

The fourth advantage that the Helcurt hero has is that he is an opponent of other Assassin heroes. This advantage made him a player Mobile Legends which is much feared and always banned from playing on the leaderboard. How not to turn off?

The combination of this hero's skill and passive can't be prevented, the opponent will never be able to move if he receives a 1.5 second silence effect from this hero.

Every Assassin Hero, including Marksman and Fighter, must be killed, because this hero has a combination of passive skills and two skills that have been successfully combined. You must ban this hero. There are two skills that can help him move. The first skill and also the last skill.

The first skill is lightning, which allows him to teleport in a certain direction. Then Argus' highest skill will make him run fast making his opponent look dark.

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Good Mobility

Hero Helcurt
MLBB heroes

Another advantage is its high offensive ability. Hero's offensive ability Helcurt was the focal point of his second skill. But the attack was enough for the opponent to deliver the final blow.

By using fast movements due to his skills, he can launch skill 2 attacks again and at the same time deal with the last opponent's attack with great damage.

He can lead the team because there are many and injured heroes like in the early game, he can easily kill any goal, he can do split push and solo Hear. With all these abilities, of course this hero can be trusted to lead the team. You have to try it!

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Well, those are the five advantages that the Helcurt hero has. He is a powerful killer hero in Mobile Legends, you won't regret buying and learning this hero.

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