7 Years from Now, Game with Strong Storyline

Including the part that can be felt when playing the game, namely the storyline that is presented. It's just that a mobile game with a concentration on the story can be said to be a little. Therefore, here comes the game 7 Years from Now  made by developer Hiraya Space. How interesting is the storyline in 7 Years from Now?

Just Simple Gameplay

In 7 Years from Now, the player controls Haruto Soraki, a young boy whose memory has been lost. He returns to his hometown to find his memories again. Haruto Soraki also came home because of his recurring dream about his promise to a girl when he was little. Playing 7 Years from Now is pretty simple.

Players just control Haruto and then socialize with other characters or other objects simply by approaching him. The controls that are presented are also easy. Players can run analog digital like most games or tap in the desired position. The area to be explored is not wide enough, so players can use whatever control is most comfortable.

Fun Story

Be the choice game with a story orientation, of course 7 Years from Now must be able to present a special story. The game begins by exploring the city area with a not so large area. Players will meet some of the childhood friends of the main character Haruto. Of course everything will be related to the little girl whose whereabouts are not revealed at this time.

7 Years from Now has a fairly long storyline, it takes about 8 hours to complete it. Because of that, this game is also divided into several chapters where the time for each chapter is quite short. Therefore players can enjoy 7 Years from Now in their spare time without having to finish it right away. This game also features a save menu so that players can save game progress at any time.

Despite 7 Years from Now  presents a fairly long story, but this game does not provide dialogue options. Therefore, players don't have to be afraid of making the wrong choice of the right dialogue. This game also only brings an ending. There is also a log mode that contains various past dialogs. So that if the player wants to read the missed dialogue, he can immediately open the system log.

3D Pixelated

7 Years from Now  applying 3D visuals but presented in a pixelated display. Not only graphics, the depiction of animated characters is also quite simple. Therefore 7 Years from Now impressed as a classic style game. The music that is sung is also dominant with the tinkling sound that makes the atmosphere serene.

Ads Presence

Become a game choice that doesn't have to be bought, for sure 7 Years from Now will serve ads as a source of income. It's just that this game turns out to be able to run without an internet connection. Therefore, players can disable internet access so that ads don't come out. The ads embedded in 7 Years from Now don't really bother the game because they don't appear often and can be skipped quickly. 7 Years from Now also provides complementary content once players complete the game.

The extra content is an additional story along with an encyclopedia. If players want to buy additional content, the rates provided are quite cheap. Additional content is offered in the form of packages. Some additional content is available for free by simply viewing the ad.

For those who like stories, 7 Years from Now is worth a try. The story displayed is easy to understand and provides an exciting plot twist. The storyline is divided into several short chapters, so that players can play this game in their spare time.

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