12 Video Games with the Shortest Duration in the Universe! – Part 1

Discussion about the world gaming it always attracts the attention of many people. Moreover, games Currently, it has become one of the promising industries to be involved in. Inevitably we must admit that industrial technology gaming indeed currently has a visualization like Hollywood movies!

If multiple videos games generally a very long duration, it turns out there are you know a number of games which is considered as games with the shortest duration, whether it's due to the short path and focus of the story, the lack of side-quest, or game-the concept is too linear and straight-forward.

Indeed, there is no standard about how long a games must be made. Duration games can be up to hundreds of hours, yes, depending on the wishes of the developer who made it. For the audience, this short duration of course does not give a stigma that the game is 'worth it or not, is that the price?' Don't ask why, because generally the price shows the quality somehow and is generally directly proportional to the design, concept, gameplay, stories, and so on. Now,, here are the video titles games the shortest possible universe done when lying around, eat, and chillin' !

#1 – ABZU

This game does feel quite unfamiliar and often many underestimate it. Eits, but wait before, even though it is entered as a game with the shortest duration, it is unlawful for gamers underestimate ABZU. Games this one lasts approximately two hours to be able to para gamers enjoy.

Even though it's short, but within two hours gamers will find this game satisfying you know. Games one this is actually games made by the Giant Squid that invites gamers to explore life underwater which is rich in marine life ranging from small fish to large fish such as whales.

Furthermore, there are also coral reefs and underwater plants with bright and beautiful colors that spoil the eye. For refreshing, games This of course is very suitable because subconsciously you will really relax and so sleepy. Technically this game takes two hours, but that doesn't include the four hours to collect items in games this.

#2 – The Order: 1886

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