7 Tips for Playing Mobile Legends for Beginners

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Moba games like those in Mobile Legends or commonly known as ML are actually quite difficult games to play. This is because you will not fight against robots, but against other players. For those of you who are still beginners, then you should know in advance about tips for playing Mobile Legends that are good and right.

About Beginners in Playing Mobile Legends This Time

With the tips that will be explained below, of course you will become a pro player and won't be a burden to your team. Maybe even, you can also become a top global or to local rank.

On average, novice players don't really understand how to play this Mobile Legends game. Because of this, many novice players often become feeders or players who often die. In essence, if indeed you are a beginner player, then you have to play even more patiently, play it safe, and work together with other players in a team.

Tips for Playing Mobile Legends

To become a pro, of course, a process that is not easy is required. For that, consider the following tips so you can play the Mobile Legends game properly and correctly.

  1. Ensure Stable Internet Connection

The first tip that is most important for you to pay attention to when playing the Mobile Legends game, which in fact is playing this online game, is where you have to make sure that the internet connection you have is stable. Because, if the connection is unstable, it will actually make the game lag.

If you have experienced this lag, then you will die easily. Therefore, it would be nice if you pay attention and fix this internet connection first so that it is more stable.

Another alternative to overcome this often lagging connection, you can use speed mode. You also need to remember that this Mobile Legends game does not require a fast connection, but a stable connection.

  1. Mastering a Minimum of Two Heroes

The next tip for being able to play Mobile Legends properly for a beginner is that you have to master at least two heroes consisting of one favorite hero and another tank hero. It is also highly recommended that you become a tank because its role is very important in this game.

  1. Play safe

In general, novice players or noob players will usually play carelessly or recklessly. This is what can actually get you shot and die. Therefore, if you are still frequently dying from gangbangs or turents, then you should also stop being a feeder.

For that, play even more carefully, because if you already have a friend to help, why are you going alone? Therefore, never play recklessly because this is a team game.

  1. Effective Forest Farming

Actually, there are 2 types of beginner players or noob players. Where one never farms at all, and the other only farms regardless of the tower. Farming is allowed, but it's very important to focus on the turents and not the forest monsters.

For those of you who are beginners, it is highly recommended to start learning farming. This will make it easier for you to manage when to go to the forest and when to look after the turret. A few tips for beginners, if you really want to go to the forest, then it's a good idea to kill the minions that will head to the turret first to make it safer.

  1. Pay attention to Minimaps

In the following tips for playing Mobile Legends, it is very important for every player, especially beginners, to always pay attention to the mini maps. Never be blind to maps because you might not know if there is an opponent's hero near you.

What can make matters worse is that players who are blind to this map don't know that the turret is being attacked. This results in players often missing towers and will be very detrimental to the team.

Not only that, players who are blind on this map usually don't know the condition of their team. So, it will be very rare to help the team, especially during war. In essence, besides having to see the hero, you are also required to always look at the map regularly so you don't miss the tower.

  1. Be Aware Of Warning Signs

Apart from avoiding blind maps, a Mobile Legends game player must also pay attention to the warning signs given by the team. So, there are 3 signs that are often given in this Mobile Legends game.

Among them are attack or attack, retreat or retreat, and gather or gather. The location of this warning sign is usually in the upper right corner. This sign is an order from a friend who has seen the conditions in the Mobile Legends game.

  1. Don't insult the team

In playing this Mobile Legends game, try not to insult each other between one player and another player in a team. This can result in the team going AFK or dropping out of the match. In addition, cooperation between teams can also be disrupted and become messy.

Here are some powerful tips that you can try, especially for novice players so they can play Mobile Legends properly so they can become a pro player. Of course this will also bring benefits to your team where the collaboration will be more solid.

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