7 Most Luxurious Sultan HP Recommendations for December 2022

HP Sultan
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MOBILE PHONE cannot be separated by humans. There are also various functions and uses, namely for playing games, social media, work, and even for displaying identity. Usually, people prefer the sultan's cellphone to show a luxury identity.

So, what are the sultan's cellphones that are now widespread in various places? e-commerce in Indonesia? Following VCGamers News I would recommend seven of the most luxurious sultan cellphones for December 2022 which are really cool. Listen to the end, OK? Vicigers!

Recommended HP Sultan December 2022

Of course, before buying a sultan cellphone that we will recommend, you need to know the general specifications first. The following are the recommendations along with the full range of specifications.

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Xiaomi 11T Pro

HP Sultan
Xiaomi 11T Pro. Source: YouTube Gadgetin.

The first sultan cellphone that we will recommend is Xiaomi 11T Pro. Even though it wasn't released this year, the Xiaomi 11T Pro is still very feasible to use for the next few years. This statement is of course supported by its very sultan specifications.

Following are the general specifications of the Xiaomi 11T Pro:

Storage & Ram: 8GB + 256GB and 12GB + 256GB. (LPDDR5 RAM + UFS 3.1 Storage.

Processor: Qualcomm®️ Snapdragon™️ 888, Qualcomm®️ Adreno™️ 660 GPU and 6th generation AI Engine.

Screen: Amoled 6.67'' DotDisplay, 120Hz refresh rate, Corning Gorilla Glass Victus and Display Mate A+.

Rear Camera: 108MP + 8MP + 5MP Triple Camera with a variety of advanced features.

Front camera: 16MP.

Battery: 500mAh with Xiaomi Hyper-Charge 120W (fully charge the battery in 17 minutes).

How? With such great specifications and a price that is only set at IDR 6,199,000, do you interest it?

OnePlus 10 Pro

HP Sultan
OnePlus 10 Pro. Source: YouTube Gadgetin.

Even though the OnePlus brand is not well known to the Indonesian people, they still have superior products that are included in the ranks of the best sultan HPs.

In the production process, OnePlus 10 Pro choose to work with Hasselblad Color Calibration in order to aim to provide the best photo results with accurate color results.

Following are the general specifications of the OnePlus 10 Pro which sells for 10 million:

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

ROMS: 128GB and 256GB.

RAM: 8GB and 12GB.

Screen: LTPO2 Amoled 6.7 inch.

Battery: LiPo 500mAh.

Camera: 50MP Ultrawide + 48 Wide + 8MP Telephoto.

Asus Zenfone 9

HP Sultan
ASUS Zenfone 9. Source: YouTube.

Simple, cool, competing in the ranks of HP Flagship other and still cheap, that is Asus Zenfone 9. The cool appearance given by Asus Zenfone is supported by its good resistance. Carrying IP68 certification has made the Asus Zenfone 9 a cellphone that can withstand a depth of 1.5 meters in water and is also dustproof.

The price was not too expensive. This sultan's cellphone is circulating at a price of 7-8 million on the market. Here are the general specifications:

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1.

ROMS: 128GB and 256GB.

RAM: 6GB, 8GB and 16GB.

Battery: LiPo 4300mAh.

Camera: 12MP Ultrawide and 50MP Wide.

Screen: AMOLED 5.9 inches.

Vivo X80 Pro

HP Sultan
VIVO X80 Pro. Source: YouTube.

Maybe you are more interested in HP manufacturers who embed sophisticated specifications in the camera section. If true, then Vivo X80 with an OIS gimbal located on its telephoto lens is a solid choice.

This sultan HP is included in the flagship sultan HP line because it is able to provide a screen with an LTPO Amoled panel measuring 6.78 inches with QHD + resolution. Refresh rate it has a very adaptive, that is, from 1 Hz to 120 Hz.

To be able to have the Vivo X80 Pro, you need to spend IDR 15,999,000.00. Following are the general specifications of the Vivo X80 Pro:

ROMS: 256GB.

RAM: 12GB.

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

Battery: LiPo 4700mAh.

Camera: 8MP Periscope Telephoto, 12MP Telephoto, 48MP Ultrawide, 50MP Wide.

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Sony Xperia 1IV

HP Sultan
SONY Xperia 1IV. Source: Youtube Gadgetin.

The next sultan's cellphone is an HP which is considered very expensive. Why is that? Because if you are interested, you need to provide around 24 million in cash!

Nevertheless, the specifications given are not arbitrary. You will enjoy the beautiful experience of capturing captivating photos. Sony Xperia 1 IV has camera specifications that are rare and may not exist on other cellphones.

A 12MP telephoto sensor decorated with a variable lens from 85mm to 125mm that allows you to perform continuous optical zoom without compromising the quality of the stunning photos. Making this camera balanced when compared to DSLR cameras.

Increasingly interested in making this sultan's cellphone an additional collection? Here are the general specifications:

Screen: 6.5 inch OLED.

Camera: 0.3MP Time of Flight, 12MP Ultrawide, 12MP Telephoto, 12MP Wide.

ROMS: 256GB and 512GB.

RAM: 12GB.

Battery: Li-Po 5000mAh with 30 Watt Fast Charging.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5G

HP Sultan
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5G

It's not fair if you don't embed one of the products from Samsung in the existing HP sultan line. Therefore, we will choose Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5G as one of the cellphones that you can be proud of after owning it.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5G is known for its innovative technology that provides a unique sensation for its owners, namely a screen that can be folded. Even so, you don't need to worry, because the folding screen is equipped with a protective glass Gorilla Glass Victus + and hinges made of aluminum armor which are sturdy and anti-broken.

The price is also very comparable to the specifications provided, which range in price from 25-31 million with various color and RAM variants. Here are the general specifications:

Screen: Foldable Dynamic Amoled 2X 7.6 inch.

Camera: 12MP Ultrawide, 12MP Telephoto with Under Display Camera, 50MP Wide.

ROMS: 256GB, 512GB and 1TB.

RAM: 12GB.

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1.

Battery: Li-Po 4400mAh.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

HP Sultan
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max.

If previously only Android phones were displayed, now we will review iOS-based cellphones, namely Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max. This cellphone is clearly included in the sultan cellphone category because of its specifications which cannot be doubted.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max was received with great enthusiasm by all its fans. Even at the beginning of its release, the highest variant of this Apple cellphone immediately reaped a lot of orders. Apart from its elegant design, the specifications are also the reason why this cellphone is selling well in the market.

One of the characteristics of the iPhone is the notch, which is now called Dynamic Island. Made to appear more dynamic and disguise the face scanner sensor.

By having this cell phone, everyone will think of you as a sultan because the price is no joke. Yes, this famous sultan's cellphone is priced at various prices in e-commerce, from 21-37 million. Here are the general specifications of the iPhone 14 Pro Max:

Processor: Apple A16 Bionic.

Screen: LTPO Super Retina XDR OLED 6.7 inch.

Battery: Li-Ion 4323mAh.

Camera: 12MP Ultrawide, 12MP Telephoto and 48MP Wide.

ROMS: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB.


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Almost all of the sultan's cellphones above are very suitable for use in all situations and conditions. Great for work, gaming, photography and videography too.

Of all the sultan's cellphones that we recommended above, which one made you most want to have it right away? If you have made your choice or already have one, don't forget to visit VCGamers in order to get everything you need in playing your favorite game, huh! Hopefully this article is useful.

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