7 Challenging Choices of Android Ninja Games to Play

Fans of ninja characters, of course, find tons of game titles with this popular theme. The figure of a hero who has the technique of eliminating opponents without being seen is certainly very interesting when played in a game. Android ninja games the following, apart from being very exciting, the depiction of the characters is also cool, especially with the extraordinary skills he has mastered.

Naruto Slugfest

Choice android ninja games the first is Naruto Slugfest. This game adopts a story that is almost similar to the anime plot. Fun again, Naruto Slugfest has presented an open world feature so that players can explore the map when completing missions or hunting for materials for upgrade purposes. Players are offered a variety of missions that have different levels of difficulty. In addition, there is also the task of conquering a boss in the form of a Bijuu which can be defeated if fellow players join forces to form a new, powerful force. Therefore, for the choice of Android ninja games, Naruto Slugfest is the recommendation.

Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin

Lego is out too android ninja games. The developer, TT Games is able to present an imaginary world that is really fun. Starting from the depiction of the surrounding atmosphere from Lego to minimalist characters, it will certainly present a different kind of fun for anyone who plays it on a device. Moreover Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin is free and can be downloaded from Google Play and then played immediately.

Ninja Warrior

Is android ninja games with similar gameplay as arcade games. presenting a simple playing system, TOH Games developers provide quite stubborn opponents. In addition, the level becomes more difficult the higher the stage reached. But there's no need to panic, players can upgrade their characters to make them even more powerful. To do this, players need to act like real ninjas. Players must eliminate opponents as efficiently as possible. For example, launching a kunai from a distance or killing an enemy while off guard. In essence, when playing Ninja Warrior, players must learn the techniques of this game so that they can complete missions without difficulty.

League of Stickman: Shadow Legends

DreamSky developers seem to have succeeded in bringing Stickman to a higher level on the Android platform. Android ninja games with this Stickman character is quite challenging to enjoy. The reason is, in addition to challenges, players can also use various types of character displays provided. The fun thing is, each character also has various skills and weapons. For example a character with a large sword weapon, or a character with a kunai for his main weapon. Even characters with supernatural powers exist. Players simply choose a character adapted to their favorite type of game to complete all stages in this game.

Ninja Turtle: Legends

This Android ninja game tells the story of four turtles who work together to eradicate evil from the face of the earth. The appearance of a distinctive character, each of which is equipped with different strengths. So in this Ninja Turtle: Legends game, players can choose to play as Raphael, Michaelangelo, Leonardo or Donatello. Gameplay in Ninja Turtle: Legends is a pretty challenging turn-based RPG. Of course, in addition to the four turtle ninjas, various other collectible characters also appear, including Shredder, who is the main enemy figure in the film. This game also applies elemental mechanisms so that players must rack their brains to make the most appropriate formation so that the opponent does not move.

Shadow Fight

Android ninja games this one has continued to reap its popularity since the initial series was released. Shadow Fight now has three series at once for the Android platform. The three series feature a variety of different features. The characters that are run are no longer fully in the form of shadows. For the Shadow Fight 3 series, especially when the player runs the ultimate menu, the character can become a shadow. In general, the gameplay of Shadow Fight remains the same. However, it provides a variety of new features for the last series. For example, armor sets to produce more powerful characters, then several versions of weapons are provided which will have an impact on attack speed.

Takashi Ninja Warrior

On Google Play found various games with the concept of adventure. However, there was no one who applied the ninja figure as well as challenging as Takashi Ninja Warrior. Like games for consoles, Horizon Games offers a variety of places to explore. Surely at various points already waiting for the enemy who is ready to attack. It's also fun, players can exchange weapons and costumes following the increase in stage. This Android ninja game also offers a story as a background to kill all enemies. Not only that, there are also rescue tasks that are really fun to complete.

Android ninja games quite fun to enjoy. Presenting a unique attack technique as well as a massive duel will allow players to feel at home playing it for hours. Moreover, these games also have their own challenges that are different from one another. Well, happy fighting!

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