Just Started Playing Valorant? Newbie Please Pay Attention to These 7 Mistakes

7 newbie mistakes when playing Valorant
Hey Vicigers, you're just about to start playing Valorant? You should avoid 7 mistakes that newbies usually make when playing, what are you curious about? The mistakes that newbies make when playing Valorant are quite varied, maybe if you don't read this article, you won't be aware of the mistakes you make, whether they are normal or serious mistakes. Are you curious? I'm curious! Come on, without further ado, let's talk about it in full in this article. Read also: The 5 Best Valorant Agents in Breeze!

7 newbie mistakes when playing Valorant

7 mistakes that newbies often make when playing Valorant:

1. Not Understanding the Agent Skill Used

You as a newbie, you must be curious, you want to wear various things agent. But do you know? You should only use one agent, until you really understand skillsHis habit of trying various agent like this is actually not recommended for a newbie, why? Because later you will find it difficult to adapt in understanding agent skills the

2. Don't Use Agent Skills Often

Usually newbies often make this mistake, newbies don't use it often or often forget to use it agent skills, but instead often use the weapons carried.

3. Ignoring Money

Because he was carried away by using cool weapons, if a newbie lost, he would just give up with a gun because the money he had had run out, the fatal result was that he didn't actively contribute to the team. are you like that? I hope not.

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