7 Best Choices of Super Fun Android Football Games

At a time when the Corona pandemic is still engulfing this country, of course football enthusiasts are confused about choosing a successor because many football events have been postponed. For example, the EURO 2020 class football event has been postponed until next year. For the sake of still being able to watch the stars compete, see what are the recommendations Android soccer game the following best.

FIFA Mobile Soccer

As a rival to the eFootball PES 2020 game, football enthusiasts must try the challenges presented by this game made by Electronic Arts. Actually, when you look at the features offered, both are almost the same. It's just an advantage Android soccer game In FIFA Soccer Mobile, players can enjoy the most prestigious league, the UEFA Champions League, which is supported by various favorite teams. EA does still have official rights from UEFA as the organizer of the Champions League title.

Players can also compete with other players from around the world in the league system that is offered. In order to be the best, players must buy packs so they can recruit famous soccer players. The more diligent in doing daily matches, the faster players can collect money to redeem the pack earlier.

eFootball PES 2020

Using the same name as the console version, Konami released eFootball PES 2020 for the mobile platform. Android soccer game it presents detailed visuals so it is very comfortable for players. This game is equipped with various features for fun playing world-class soccer matches. There are Master League competitions as well as online leagues that many other players from around the world can participate in. Including a PvP mode that allows players to compete with friends in determining the owner of the number one soccer team.

Score! Hero

This Android soccer game can be said to be a bit difficult. Because Score! Hero adopts a slightly different mechanism compared to games with the same theme. Score! Hero requires players to control the distance and direction of the ball well so that it can be passed to other players. Can also make a goal against the opponent's goal.

Although it looks simple, players are presented with various obstacles. If the passing distance is too far or the opposite is too close, then the enemy player can grab the ball without difficulty. Estimating the exact distance and speed of the ball is indeed the key. Players are also required to make as few steps as possible in getting the ball into the enemy's goal. The more steps you take, the lower the number of stars you get automatically.

Extreme Football

Judging from the gameplay presented, this Extreme Football game offers a large selection of skills plus street soccer player techniques. This Android soccer game also features 1vs1, 2vs2, and 3vs3 PvP modes. Players can choose to play solo or something else. The artificial intelligence program used will become a teammate if you want to compete alone in 3vs3 mode. Competing with many other players is certainly more fun in competing with the skills you have.

Football Manager

When playing this game the player acts as a team manager according to the name of the game. Not only designing tactics, players are also required to take care of financial problems as well as the condition of the players. A team manager is assisted by an assistant whose job is to submit notifications about problems facing the team. Android soccer game This requires the manager to make challenges to other teams so that the club he is holding can run properly and can achieve victory in many top-class competitions.

Football Strike

Android soccer game This is quite unique because players don't need to play 11vs11, but only need to shoot on penalties or shoot targets within a certain time. So that players don't get bored quickly, this game also offers a multiplayer mode. That way, players can compete for the highest score with other players in various modes. Players can also determine their own position, can be a goalkeeper or executor.

Mobile Soccer League

In order to get around the license, Rasu Games as a developer has a surefire trick that is applied to the Mobile Soccer League. While playing Android soccer game In this, players will find 3D characters in small stature. The entire face of the star soccer player is transformed in a funny look. Even though it looks ridiculous, the flexibility of the movement certainly shouldn't be underestimated. This game offers smooth but still easy ball movement control. Using only four buttons, players can enjoy the sensation of swiping the ball on their cellphone without any difficulty. This game is also equipped with the roar of the audience in the stands which makes the atmosphere of the match even more exciting.

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