56 Games Made in Indonesia are OK!-Part 13

53. Coral Island

There are more here games made in Indonesia, which must be awaited for 2021 from a game developer from Yogya, named Stairway Games, entitled the game Coral Island. Not only horror story games, now games made in Indonesia are starting to get more lively, colorful, and diverse.

Like Coral Island, farming games, which are often referred to as similar to Harvest Moon, require players to raise animals, make friends, and build romance with potential partners scattered throughout the city, so you can enjoy activities in the city. games.

54. A Day without Me

Gamecom Team as developer released their newest game in mid-June 27 2020 with themed games puzzle ready to rack the brains of the players. For you lovers puzzle games then must try to play games this one. With simple graphics, it is ensured that everyone does not need high specifications, so they can make everything gamers play games This with a variety of PC specs can play it. Don't forget, those who want to download, please click here here.

55. Parakacuk

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Although the exact date has not been determined at this time, Gamescom Team as the game developer This has already been determined to be released in 2021. A game that tells about a group of children gang Schools that take turns fighting for authority to be the best among the others. There are also stories about friendship, romance, and tension, of course. Yep, similar to the legendary Bully game. There is no harm take a peek a little in here for those who are curious and want to know more.

56. Rising Hell

I can say this is the most recent game released by Toge Productions on October 17, 2019, and maybe the last one in 2019. In games In this, players will play the main character named Arok who is trapped in hell. Blend rogue-like gameplay and actions impressed epic this requires the player to fight his way out with the various powers that Arok has. For those who want to know more about the fun, please click here here.

Now,, that's dozens of lists games artificial developer Indonesia on the Steam platform that we have collected, there are actually more, but some are still in the process of being made and not yet released on Steam. Don't forget to always support games domestically made the point. Because, by supporting their creativity, we can also advance this country.

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