56 Games Made in Indonesia are OK!-Part 11

45. Battle Box

Battle Box has similarities with Plant vs Zombies, namely the concept of surviving from enemy attacks. However, what makes Battle Box different is the use of Indonesian characters and nuances.

In games In this game, players must help Maya, a child who lost an item on the black market, to get back the lost item. In missions to find lost Maya items, players can use unique characters with certain powers such as Gatot Kaca and an army of spiky bamboo.

Even though it has a local nuance, namely in Indonesia, Battle Box is not only loved by fans games domestically, but also abroad. Priced at $2.99, Battle Box successfully stole the attention of fans games.

46. Sage Fusion

First see cover from games At this time, many people did not think that this game came from Indonesia. Games This game can be played on PC, Android, Blackberry, and iOS devices. Made with simple graphics, games it still has gameplay which is very interesting. The second sequel was really interesting for fans when it was released.

Starting from a science fiction-themed comic, Kidalang Studio as developer Sage Fusion offers an interesting story. inner character games in this you will explore the futuristic city of Kapistad where you can use your choice of weapons of war to face battle, as well as try to solve puzzles in Kapistad.

In 2013, Kidalang released Sage Fusion 2 with a longer and more complicated story. Games This then managed to win the title in the Tizen App Challenge event in the category role-play and strategy in Barcelona, Spain and being the only one games from Indonesia who was able to win the first place. This achievement certainly makes the Indonesian people proud. Cool!

47. Ghost Parade

Platform games titled Ghost Parade from Lentera Nusantara was published by Aksys Games, publisher west for the BlazBlue and Guilty Gear series. Games It's releasing for PC, macOS, PS4, and Nintendo Switch on both physical and digital media.

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