These 56 Games Made in Indonesia are OK!-Part 12

50. Forged of Blood

This one game was released on August 1 2019 with a unique RPG genre because it is usually rare game developers Indonesia does not make games like this, so the game from the developer Critical Forge attracted attention. tactical strategy fantasy war concept, gameplay from games this itself is very long duration, you know. Players can actually play this game for up to 30-40 hours on mode campaigns with many replayability.

While playing, you can develop specific political alliances, choose weapons, recruit many characters, and mix unique magic through a modifier system. This game also claims there will be 64 ending variations depending on the options and consequences. For those who are curious about the storyline of the game, please download it at here.

51. GoBlock's Impossible Medley

As the title suggests, GoBlock's Impossible Medley here players will play three times games consecutively in one playing session. Games this itself is a endless runner game with cute characters full of references to the characters games classic.

Here you will control a character named GoBlock who will change shape according to the segment. There are three segments that you will find. First is the box segment, in the segment inspired by Impossible Game In this case, you will control a box to jump over various obstacles.

52. Run Roll Rumble

The more Indonesian developers come here, the cooler they are, even though currently there are still few and more offline games. However games titled Run Roll Rumble made by Matthew Marcellino can be played online multiplayer. Released on August 7, 2019, games it's themed brawler elemental fighting but the difference is that here it is more agile. Players can fight up to four players. Besides on line, you can also play games this is kinda offline, how come. For those who are curious to taste the excitement of this game, please downloads.

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