5 Tutorials for Choosing a Gaming Headset-Part 3

5. What Brand?

Price is usually directly proportional to quality. No wonder some brand already known as a peripheral manufacturer gaming best by the world. The products are not only trusted by the public gamer, but also a professional player. In addition to having recognized capabilities, the warranty service is also more reliable. So make sure you choose gaming headset from the recommended brand of para gamers, yes. Now,Below, we have summarized the 5 best headset recommendations based on their price range.

Astro A50 Wireless Headset

Price : IDR 5,990,000.00-

Connectivity USB, optical, analog 3.5 mm
Weight 380 gr
Surround Sound Dolby Audio
Noise canceling Passive
memory foam X

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless

Price : IDR 5,450.000,00-

Connectivity Bluetooth, USB wireless receiver, optical, analog 3.5 mm
Weight Not listed
Surround Sound DTS Headphone:X v2.0
Noise canceling Active (microphone)
memory foam X

ASUS ROG Strix Go 2.4

Price : Rp.2.799.000,00-

Connectivity USB wireless receiver, analog 3.5 mm
Weight 290 g
Surround Sound 7.1
Noise canceling Passive, active (microphone)
memory foam X

Audio-Technica ATH-G1

Price : IDR 2,490,000.00-


Connectivity Analog 3,5 mm
Weight 257 g
Surround Sound Immerse
Noise canceling X
memory foam X

Logitech Pro X

Connectivity Analog 3,5 mm
Weight 320 g
Surround Sound DTS Headphone:X 2.0
Noise canceling Passive
memory foam

Now,, itu tadi semua pembahasan mengenai cara memilih headset yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan, harga, dan perangkat yang kamu miliki. HUH! Harganya memang mahal sekali ya ternyata sebuah headset gaming that's it. Semoga dengan adanya tutorial ini, dapat menambah wawasan bagi siapapun yang mencari referensi mengenai headset yang sesuai agar ke depannya tidak zonk lagi, Hehehe.

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