5 Tutorials on Choosing a Gaming Headset-Part 2

4. Features!

It's true, the headset is a piece of hardware as a hearing aid, but audio isn't the only thing being developed gaming headset. There are still other features that you should consider before making a choice. Come on, identify some of its features below.

Noise canceling

Some audio devices such as headset, headphones and earphones currently equipped with technology noise canceling, namely a technology that is able to reduce noise in the surrounding environment such as the roar of aircraft engines, the roar of trains, road noise and others.

In practice, many games which can be played online multiplayer. Type games it will usually provide facilities voice chat for the players. On headphones, which is clearly not equipped with a microphone, of course you can only communicate via text messages. But on headset, if equipped with a microphone, you can communicate directly via voicemail.

Feature active noise canceling on the microphone will enable it to filter out external noise interference. As a result, your friends will hear clearer voice messages. In addition to communication, this feature also allows you to hear voices games hear more clearly. With features passive noise canceling, your ears will be well insulated so that sound games sound clearer.

Quoted from the page Crisp, though noise canceling reduce noise, but the technology will not damage hearing and health. Because technology noise canceling does not emit radiation and poses no potential threat. So, it can be concluded that the usefulness of the device headset tonoise canceling that is safe!

Bearing Memory Foam

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Apart from sound quality, comfort gaming headset Also worth considering for your earlobe, especially if it will be used for a long time. Here, of course, there needs to be consideration for those of you who are looking for products that are comfortable on the ears considering how long they are used headset generally quite a long time. For that, you should choose products with bearings memory foam.

The pads will feel comfortable because they follow the shape of your ears. As a result, your ears will not feel sore when wearing it gaming headset. However, not all products are equipped with pads memory foam, you know. However, every brand usually use materials that will not injure your ears. Stay cool, Hehehe.


Actually for this one feature, in the Islamic language, sunnah muakkadah, which means that there are sunnah practices that are carried out to complete an obligatory worship and recommended to do because the level is almost close to obligatory worship. So a kind of sunnah that is close to obligatory meaning. It is sunnah for gamers to search for RGB Led products, that's hey, headphones who haveglitter glitter, but it's like something's missing when it's not there.

Surround Sound

Feature surround sound will improve the sound quality you want. headset brands generally use the features surround sound 7.1. What that's it? Yes, this feature is a technology that divides sound into one sound source bass and seven other sound points. With this feature, gaming headset provides a more detailed, expansive, and powerful sound.

For gamer, product usability with features surround sound 7.1 will sharpen low sounds in games such as the details of the sound of footsteps, enemy movements, even distant sounds can be detected with this feature. A number of brand also uses more advanced audio technology than surround sound 7.1 like DTS Headphone:X v2.0. surround sound it will provide high-resolution audio effects without any signal loss. Actually, for this feature problem, it's better if you try it directly. Sometimes, because a product is so good, it is actually difficult to explain in words, Hehehe.

Now,, meanwhile before Earlier we discussed how to choose headset that suits your needs, price, and the device you have. Look forward to the continuation on part 3 after this. Previously, don't forget, don't miss it to always get updates the latest and complete news about games. Starting from game review new, tips and tricks and so on. Straight to follow account Instagram VCGamers and channel YouTube yes. Come on! Join the community at Discord VCGamers, community gamers largest in Indonesia.

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