5 Pro Player Tricks in Playing the PUBG Game

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Following the playing style of the pros player is indeed the right step for gamers who don't want to spend a lot of time learning self-taught. By learning all the tips and tricks from the pros player this while playing, either from the tournament trailer or live streaming Of course, it can make new things that gamers can learn.

This of course applies to all types esport game, and no exception with games PUBG. Battle royale genre who are relatively new, of course new players who want to try will feel confused, don't even know what to do. For this reason, the following will provide an explanation related to some tips and tricks from pro player to get easier chicken dinners in games This PUBG.

Tricks and Tips for Playing PUBG from Pro Player

  1. Ideal Landing

Most of these PUBG players will only determine which landing location to choose. However, on the pros player of course it will not only determine the location of the landing, but also help to find the ideal location in order to get a more stable initial preparation.

Of course fellow gamers agree if someone player who get looting maximum at the beginning of the game, then you will have a big advantage until the end of the game. Gamers can try to land right in front of a door or window.

This, of course, not only makes it easier for gamers to enter the building, but can also protect gamers from enemies who may have already been lurking there.

  1. Keep moving

The strategy to remain silent and wait for the enemy is not 100 percent the wrong thing to do. In fact, many of pro player who use this strategy during tournaments. The good news is that this strategy has worked.

However, this all depends on the cooperation aspect team carried out as well as several other supporting factors. There are also pro player who prefers to play alone, so they have to keep moving to increase the chances of survival rather than just waiting for the enemy.

Tips that gamers can use are not to stay in one place, even while doing it looting. Silence will even know where gamers are hiding. At the very least, continuing to move can prevent the chance of dying in one shot from being very small.

  1. Become a Hunter

If you gamers often see live streaming from para pro player of course it will be seen where these pros more often find enemies first than being hunted. This of course will happen if a player prefers to keep moving throughout the game.

Of course this will make it easier for a player to be aware of his surroundings, so he can anticipate enemy attacks. Apart from that, moving actively throughout the game while hunting can also improve the quality of the armor and weapons that gamers have.

  1. Practice Aim and Accelerate Reflex Movement

The aiming ability and reflexes possessed by para pro player which is no longer in doubt. The enemy encountered by the pro player these often don't even get the chance to know the direction of the shot and counterattack.

Unfortunately, this trick in terms of aiming and reflex movements is not something that gamers can imitate just by looking at it. Where gamers need to learn to get used to doing it scoping quickly and predict the direction of movement in order to produce more effective shots.

Reflex speed when shooting and the accuracy of a person player in doing quick scoping be one gap that can distinguish between pro player of PUBG with amateurs.

  1. Anticipate Enemy Movement

In addition to having the ability to do quick scope and fast reflexes, which is one of the things that differentiates between pro player with amateur players is from his ability to predict the opponent's movements. It is not impossible to predict the opponent's movements if you have high flying hours.

Another condition that gamers friends might find when playing PUBG is when there is player which uses smoke grenades to run away or even get closer to a gamer buddy. If only this strategy could be read, surely fellow gamers would have enough time to do it counters when compared to just panicking and getting into the enemy's trap.

To be sure, gamer friends must try all of the above tricks directly inside games PUBG. Indeed, not all of the tricks mentioned above can work according to the wishes of fellow gamers when just doing a few experiments.

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