5 Most Cringe and Annoying Fortnite Skins

The unique selling point of Fortnite lies in the various skins that players can use in the game games. Some of the available skins are adorable, cute, and funny, but while on the one hand there are also some that are downright scary. Now,, the following will summarize in more detail what are the most popular fortnite skins ringe and annoying memory of gamers below this. Let's check this out, guys!

#1 – Teef

I don't know, gi no one knows for sure what this creature really is. Teef is just a pink 'blob' in a black and white outfit. It just has a mouth with a lot of ugly looking teeth (it doesn't seem like it anymore, but it's ugly hihihihi). The problem is, lately not many players are buying and using this skin in Fortnite. Reportedly, this skin was last seen on store in 2020. This skin is enough to disgust people, just look at the video above.

#2 – Peekaboo

This Fortnite skin is based on a clown that can trigger anyone with coulrophobia. For those who haven't been able to guess, that you know, a condition in which a person experiences an excessive fear of clowns and the problem is that many people suffer from it. But on the brighter side, the Peekaboo skin can be used for “IT” themed cosplay in Fortnite, or even for “Purge” themed cosplay.

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