5 Heroes Who Can Slaughter in Rank Epic Mobile Legends Season 20

5 Heroes That Can Slaughter in Rank Epic Mobile Legends


Hello Vicigers friends, here are 5 heroes that can be slaughtered in the epic rank of Mobile Legends. Use this hero if you want to get out of that rank quickly.

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Epic rank is a rank that is quite avoided by MLBB players because at that rank, feeder players, trolls, try heroes and so on can be found easily.

Well Vicigers, for those of you who are at that rank and want to get out of Epic quickly, just use these Mobile Legends heroes, which we recommend to slaughter there.


5 Heroes Who Can Slaughter in Rank Epic Mobile Legends Season 20
Source: google.com

The first hero we highly recommend is Hayabusa, the mobility and effectiveness of farming quickly make Hayabusa rich on its own.

And when he is rich Hayabusa can easily slaughter all his opponents.


Source: google.com

Then there is Brody, without farming and item support full of damage, Brody is already very sick.

Because of that, Brody was able to massacre his opponents who were in the Epic rank, which in fact there were still many players who didn't really understand how to play.


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