5 Best Selling MLBB Heroes Ranking for April 2021

5 Best Selling MLBB Heroes Ranking for April 2021


Hello Vicigers friends, Every time you change META, the heroes who are the best-selling are picked in rank, and for April 2021 there are 5 heroes, one of which is a hero who will get this month's Legend skin.

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Who is the list of best-selling MLBB heroes in April 2021 according to the Mobile Legends Rank, along with the reviews.

Chou – 4,61%

5 Best Selling MLBB Heroes Ranking for April 2021
Source : uhdpaper.com

This hero seems to have never been separated from META, even though it was rarely picked but never completely disappeared.

There's CC, Immune, and big damage maybe the reason why this hero continues to sell well.

Chou is also the highest hero to use for Rank Legend and above for April 2021.

Tigreal – 2,67%

Source : uhdpaper.com

Even though in tournaments it is still rarely seen, for rank this hero is the top choice for Tanks.

Even though there are currently two META supports, Tigreal is the answer when you need a Tank.

Strong and passive CC which makes it difficult to kill is the reason this hero is a strong choice.

Jawheads – 2,47%

Source : uhdpaper.com

Alternative Hero Fighter Tank which is on the rise. But indeed the last nerf made it less desirable. However, Jawhead's pick-off is still very strong.

Selena – 2.4%

Source : uhdpaper.com

The Assassin hero, who is often used as support, is in demand because of his strong stun, isn't the hero Selena still trusted for the top tier.

Granger 2,37%

Source : uhdpaper.com

The hero who will get the Legend skin soon is also selling well again because most of the jungler heroes are on nerf.

The big damage and strong ultimate are the reasons why this hero is back in demand for the time being.

Moreover, the skin will be coming soon, is it a marketing strategy?

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