The 5 Best Valorant Agents in Breeze!

The upcoming Breeze map in Riot Games' Valorant could upset players' peace of mind here, but choosing the right set of agents can make scoring points easier. Valorant allows players to play with a wide variety of agents. All of them are predefined with a unique set of abilities that make them a top choice for certain maps.

Games it presents players with five different maps such as Ascent, Split, Bind, Heaven, and Icebox. Now in Episode 2 Act 3, Valorant players will get maps Sixth: Breeze. Breeze itself is a tropical-themed location map placed somewhere in the southern part of the Bermuda Triangle. Like most maps in Valorant, Breeze will also have two planting locations: site A and B, which feature wide-open spaces to support long-range combat rather than close-quarters combat.

Maps This one is best for agents that fall into all classes of initiators, duelists, controllers, and sentinels. A team with the perfect combination of agents will have a higher chance of winning on this location map. So, here are the five best agents who are effective at playing at Breeze. Let's Check this out!

5. Jett

Jett can be a good choice for an open space map like Breeze. His Updraft and Tailwind abilities are best for moving quickly and out of the enemy's crosshairs. This can increase his mobility throughout the map location. With Jett's abilities, players can easily reach high places and shock reconnaissance targets. In addition, the Cloudburst Jett can also provide protection to open areas. He would be the most competitive choice on this location map.

4. Viper

While Jett is arguably the best choice for Breeze, the latest buff patch v2.06 has made the Viper stronger and superior than ever. He can effectively control the wide and open spaces on the map.

Focus on map structure, site It has multiple entrances and widths that can be easily controlled by Viper's Toxic Screen. This ability divides site into two parts. In addition, the perfect lineup of Viper's Poison Cloud and Snake Bite abilities helps control the scene post-plant scene in Breezes.

3. Astra

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Agent Astra was released in conjunction with Episode 2 Act 2. The advantage here is that Astra can control the entire map from any point, which will be of great help to players if the game is located on a larger map. Because, Astra can split the entire map, allowing players to hold site. His other abilities, like Nebula, can also cover open space. He will be the best controller choice for this new Valorant map.

4. Yoru

The taste, from earlier girl mulu, huh? Get to know, the next best player is Yoru. Yoru's ability allows him to move to new and fake locations, which can trick and confuse enemies in the maps big open like Breeze. Focusing on the structure of the map, this map has many entrances. Ability fakeout Yoru can be very useful in this case.

Besides, his Gatecrash and his Dimensional Drift ability, could really shine in Breeze. However, indeed to play this agent in the new tropical map of Valorant, players need a big 'round' of the brain, because default many thinking so, Hehehe.

1. Omen

The versatility in this one agent's capabilities makes it especially suitable for new location maps like Breeze. The dark covering on his face and veiled steps allowed him to enter site anywhere or teleporting behind the enemy. Omen can move from one point maps to maps others, which will make it difficult for the opponent to guess his position, especially in maps big like Breeze.

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