3 Tips for Good Headshot in PUBG

Player Unknown's Battle Grounds or what is often referred to as PUBG mobile this is one games genre battle royale which one is the most popular among the gamers those around the world with well-known skills headshot. There are around 50 million players who are still accessing games PUBG mobile this. This figure is obtained from all PUBG players in the world who are recorded every day. Well, to be a winner or to get winner winner chicken dinner In this PUBG game, every player will certainly need the right tactics to achieve it.

In addition, the ability of each individual to attempt to aim and shoot the opponent must also be owned and mastered. If a gamer friend takes the wrong shot or deviates a little bit, then as a result the enemy can find out where your friend is hiding at that time. To overcome this, gamers also need to listen to the following tips in order to have better shot accuracy and can get headshot easily.

Good Tips Headshot PUBG

To get headshot, certainly not an easy thing to do. Where players, including gamers, must always practice regularly in aiming and shooting opponents precisely and accurately. This effort cannot only be done once or twice in practice, but must continue to be trained so that accuracy can be obtained properly.

Well, to be good at shooting opponents or what is often known as a good headshot Of course, gamers can get this by trying some of the tips that will be given below.

  1. Set Settings

Before gamer friends start to play games PUBG, then you need to enter the menu settings first. The goal is to make sure that the settings that you make are settings that you can personally feel comfortable with while playing games this PUBG.

One of the things gamers need to pay attention to in the rules settings These include the sensitivity level, the layout of each button that has been provided, to the color of the crosshair the most comfortable for your eyes.

The sensitivity level itself can affect the accuracy of gamers in terms of shooting. That way, nothing is impossible that gamers can do headshot at the same time can get point kill very easily, even in just one shot.

Gamer friends can also manage crosshair in order to be in head level. The goal is to make it easier for gamers to lock shots towards the head of the enemy. The most important thing is where the settings you make must be adjusted to the comfort in playing that gamers can feel.

However, if you are not used to it and find it difficult when using it, then this will end in vain. Everyone, of course, will have fakeits own where it will be adjusted to the comfort of each. So, gamers friends can also manage settings until you find a comfortable setting.

  1. Find the Right Weapon

In games PUBG, of course, has a wide selection of weapons that gamers can use when playing gameshis. However, unfortunately you can't immediately choose a weapon when you just get off the plane. For that, gamers can take advantage of the available weapons first in order to survive in the game early games.

If the existing situation looks more conducive, and already has a complete weapon, then my friend can do that too loot or can look for other weapons freely. One weapon that is quite lethal and easy to find is the Kar98k.

This weapon certainly has damage which is quite large. Meanwhile, if you gamers see airdrops, then it's very likely that your gamer friends can get the most important lethal weapons, namely AWM and M24. Of course, with these two types of weapons, gamers can immediately kill opponents by using just one shot aimed right at the enemy's head.

  1. Practice Shot

Of course, gamer friends can get better at doing this headshot with lots of practice. Friend gamers can also take advantage of training mode and practice aiming to simultaneously look for weapons that you can rely on and feel most comfortable when you use them.

Later on, gamer friends will get used to the use of all types of weapons along with their accessories. For example, in the use of ceosshair, recoil, and scope. Where to use scope This must continue to be trained, so that when you find an enemy, then crosshair can also be done easily to lock the enemy's head.

In addition, gamers also have to practice aiming at places that might be hiding from enemies. For example, on the roof of the building, narrow windows, and many other hiding places.

Here are some tips to be good at doing this headshot in games PUBG mobile. Hopefully the explanation above can be useful for gamers, yes.

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