3 Recommended 20 Watt Chargers For Your iPhone 12 Series

Anker 20 watt charger

Hi Vicigers! We want to inform you of the recommended version of the best 20 watt charger VCGamers here. Surely you are confused, right, you have bought an iPhone 12 series, but don't know what brand to buy a good charger for your cellphone.

FYI, the iPhone 12 series, iPhone 11 series, iPhone XR, and iPhone SE 2020 which are officially released in Indonesia for the latest 2021 production are all bundled without a charger and headset, Vicigers.

However, maybe that's also what causes the price of the latest iPhone to be more affordable. For example, like the iPhone SE 2020, now the price is only around 6.5 million rupiah, even you can get it for only 6 million or even less if you are smart to look for promos in e-commerce/marketplaces/partner banks.

Okay, moving on to our main discussion, here are some recommendations for 20 watt chargers from us in various brands.

3 Recommended 20 Watt Charger (Power Delivery/PD Support)

  • Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter
Apple Charger 20 Watt
Apple Charger 20 Watt

You can have this original charger from Apple, if you really have the budget to buy this charger head which has a pretty expensive price of around 450 thousand, if you buy it directly at iBox or other Apple authorized resellers.

Actually, 450 thousand for an original iPhone charger can be considered a standard price, but you might think that Apple's original charger is expensive after seeing our next recommendation.

You can get this original 20 watt Apple charger at a cheaper price, if you buy it online at e-commerce/marketplaces. But be careful, there are many fake products!

  • Anker Wall Charger Powerport Nano 20W – A2633
Anker Charger 20 Watt
Anker Charger 20 Watt
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Then our second recommendation, there is a 20 watt charger from Anker, namely the 20W Nano Powerport. This charger head has a small size.

Its dimensions are only about 1.81 x 1.08 x 1.08 inches. This charger has input specifications: 100-240V 0.6A 50-60Hz and output: 5V=3A/9V=2.22A.

Cool, right? You can even get this Anker product by only spending around 150 thousand! We don't know if this is the official retail price or if it's just a temporary promotional price.

But, Anker's head charger product for Apple costs 150 thousand? Brush!

  • Aukey Charger PA-B1 20W USB-C Power Delivery 3.0
Aukey Charger 20 Watt
Aukey Charger 20 Watt

Our last recommendation is a 20 watt charger head from Aukey. For those of you who have often bought Aukey products, you must have no doubts about the quality of the products.

This charger from Aukey has more or less the same dimensions as the 20W Powerport Nano from Anker. It has dimensions of 28.8 x 28.8 x 30.5 mm, and weighs only about 300 grams, making this charger head convenient for you to carry everywhere and doesn't need a charger. space great for storing it.

You can even store our recommended Anker and Aukey charger heads in your trouser pocket, if you're afraid you'll forget to bring them.


So, those are the 3 recommendations for the VCGamers version of the 20 watt charger head. Actually, there are several other series from Aukey, Anker, and other brands that are no less good.

However, since the price of the 20 watt charger head from Anker is cheap, we highly recommend that you buy the 20W Nano Powerport from Anker.

Or if you run out of stock of charger heads from Anker, we also recommend a 20 watt PA-B1 charger from Aukey for you, this is no less good, you could say the quality is equivalent or 1:1.

The last option, if your child has to be all Apple original, please buy an official 20 watt charger head from Apple which costs almost 3x as much as Anker and Aukey. If you really have more budget, there's nothing wrong with that.

Also FYI, all the 20 watt charger heads that we recommend all support the latest PD 3.0 Power Delivery technology. The charger head that we recommend also supports not only iPhone, but also support for the latest iPad Air and iPad Pro which supports fast charging.

Used for android? It's possible, but since the charger head that we recommend only supports PD, it doesn't support Quick Charge technology from Qualcomm, so not all Android devices can read it. fast charging from the power delivery issued by the charger head.

How? Already enlightened? Although this is a 20 watt charger, all of our recommended chargers are also equipped with a smart IC to be able to adjust the output needed on a connected smartphone.

So don't be afraid to use this 20 watt charger, if your iPhone is still below the iPhone 12 series, with a note that your 20 watt charger is not kw or a fake. It's safe! Oh, all the recommended 20 watt charger heads from us have an official warranty, yes, varying between 12-18 months depending on the policy of each brand.

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