Top 3 League of Legends Players 2020 Global Level

Best League of Legends players 2020. Esports is becoming increasingly popular worldwide due to its competitive nature. Professional esports gamers earn more than one can imagine. In terms of revenue, the gaming industry is bigger than ever. It earns more than the box office, music industry, NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL worldwide combined.

Who are the most popular esports players in 2020? Athletes like Faker, Xyp9x, and MATUMBAMAN are some of the most popular esports athletes. Their popularity is not only measured by their wins, but also by their number of viewers and their reputation on social media platforms. In this article, we will talk about the most popular esports players in 2020. If your favorite esports players are not on this list, don't be upset. We only discuss the best esports players in 2020 based on their popularity.

League of Legends (LoL) is without a doubt one of the greatest esports titles ever created. More than 27 million players play LoL every day. In fact, LoL is a major source of income for many professional players. Here 3 best League of Legends players 2020 world level.


One of the most successful esports athletes known to date is Lee Sang-hyeok (aka Faker). His incredible skills and sharp strategy saw him earn around $1,228,000 in 2020. He is also the top earner of League of Legends for almost 3 years in a row. There is only one gamer who makes millions of dollars every year. The position was achieved with pride by Faker.

Being a part of South Korean Telecom, Faker deserves to be named best League of Legends players 2020 for having won 3 world titles. In one competition, he never lost a single match in the entire tournament. He is the only player to achieve this feat. Faker is known for his fantastic mechanical strategy in LoL and his vast pool of champions. Faker's total earnings are unknown and difficult to guess, due to the variety of his occupations. But we know he won around $1,228,281 from the competition in March 2020.

It is also reported that he got around $ 1 to $ 2 million dollars from South Korean Telecom. Recently, Faker was offered a partnership from SK Telecom, which he gladly accepted. He also earns by streaming his playthroughs on Twitch TV.


Song Eui-Jin (aka Rookie) is considered to be best League of Legends players 2020 after Faker. At the age of 16, this talented esports athlete first joined the team, KT Rolster Arrows. And at the age of 17 his team finished first in the Champions Summer 2014. Although he was disqualified from WORLDS due to his young age. In 2014, Rookie transferred to Invictus Gaming and for the first time qualified for the World Championship. His team was almost unbeaten in the group stages and after many fierce matches, his team won the 2018 World Championship.

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